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    Laughable incident but made thinking its background

    Though it happened before ten months, the matter leaked in the media now.
    In the Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh a village named Pedakaduburu a school boy took another boy along with his friends to the nearest police station by alleging the other boy stolen his pencil in the class. Initially the police inspector took this matter simple but the insisting boy made him to think. Inspector advised the complaining boy that this would be common in school children and forgive the other boy. But the complaining boy was very adamant but the boys came with them started to laugh by seeing his adamant. Later inspector got the pencil from the boy accused and handover the same to the boy complaining. He further advised the boys to become friends and not to accusing each other on any account and he made the boys to shake hands. All of them went out.
    The situation may be fun but the mentality of the boys are to be thinkable.
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    It is good that the police managed the situation well and made the boys understand what is good and what is bad. The incident will definitely make the boys understand that taking the tools of other students without their consent is not correct. This is the point they might have understood from the teachings of the police. When a small kid does a mistake, we should not take it lightly and we should tell him that what he has done is wrong and he should not do it again. If he repeats giving a small punishment is also OK so that he will not repeat the same.
    My grandfather used to tell me that we should make the kids understand the difference between good and bad and then only they will become good citizens of tomorrow. If we laugh at their mistakes and leave them, they may become criminals later in their lives. We can bend a plant easily but not a tree.

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