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    How nice will it be to have a option of liking and disliking a comment on ISC?

    Many a time we don't really have much knowledge about a topic being discussed or don't have much to add to the ongoing discussion. In such a case we often left the forum discussion topic without comment. How much better to have an option of liking and disliking the forum as well as a comment section, to register our presence that we have read the topic and whether we liked it or not?
    A concept that is prevalent on various sites or something similar to that. Although we do have the feature of the best answer option that too is only for the member who has written the discussion topic, not for the other. Why not give that option to others as well to select the best answer among the various comments and opinions?
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    After reading this suggestion I split into laughter as the author might have thought ours is also a social media site. ISC is the educational site and this forum is created to have inclusive participation of students and members on matters concerning to them and other issues. Unlike social media, there cannot be dislike button in this forum. If at all the member wants to express the displeasure, that can be made and register the same in a polite way so that the author would take it sportively. Even the likes cannot be impended because one has to review each post according to the merits of the contents and in the same write up what is there in the mind can be expressed and that is enough. By the way the write ups are not for competition or winning prize from other members, but to get more enhanced knowledge.
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    It is not at all compulsory to post a comment on every thread you are reading. If you have any opinion about the topic you can post a comment or you may add your thoughts also which will help to continue the discussion on the specific topic. The Forum is a section for discussion on various topics and it is not a social media platform, as clearly described by Mohan Sir in his reply, where you can post pictures or videos to see how others rate it. The option of liking/disliking is a very shortcut way to know others' opinions where people do not have enough time to write something. People surf through various social media during their spare time but to post something thoughtful you have to invest some time in it. Here in ISC, you can always clearly express your ideas in the form of a reply so there is no need for the option to like or dislike a post. Where you can clearly express your opinions why choose a very shortcut method? If there is an option to like/dislike a post I think many will just press those options rather than posting a reply. In that case, the essence of this section will be lost.

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    It is not a social media site to have options like share. comment and like. It is a strictly moderated site where all our postings will be edited by online editors. There is a very clear difference between this site and the other social media sites.
    The heading of the forum section itself is discussion forums. So the very idea of having this section is to have a discussion on the subject. Even though you don't have proper knowledge on the subject, you can read the posts and get some knowledge about the subject. If you like the topic you can mention the same in your posting on the thread with the reasons for your liking.
    I am of the opinion that there is no necessity of having a like or dislike option on all the posts on this site.

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    The thread contains a question: "How much better to have an option of liking and disliking the forum as well as a comment section, to register our presence that we have read the topic and whether we liked it or not?"

    ISC gives a nice opportunity of proper, active, verbal (written) communication and discussion in virtual face to face platform i.e. ISC forum section. It is far better than the inanimate symbolic or emoticon response.

    By the current system of forum posts, one can respond and communicate one's agreement or disagreement about the topic, point out any deficiencies in language , style, grammar or lack of civility and decency. That will be the true way of giving one's response. And that is what is expected from ISC forum-ites, as the basic purpose of the site is to educate and enhance the visitor's knowledge and language.

    ISC forum and the site as a whole is meant to encourage and give confidence to the contributors and NOT to hoot out them by discouraging remarks and indications. That is why ISC forum expects healthy discussion even when one does not concur with the initiator or other participants views.

    If one can scan through the various testimonial ISC members have recorded in the testimonial sub-section as well in articles and other sections, we can see that members and contributors really welcome and expect such honest and correct observations and tips for improvement.

    Moreover, ISC revenue is linked to the ad-clicks related to keywords and hence keywords and ,not just emoticons or symbols, are needed.

    I hope, by proper observation and exploring the site more, one can differentiate ISC from other social media "thumb-up/down"' and make it a better habit to put our ideas improper words in proper context.

    (P.S: I think you would like my this response though in disagreement to your suggestion, rather than my one word 'dislike' or thumbs down symbol. That would not have satisfied your curiosity why I disliked or disagreed. But this long response would satisfy you and may even prompt for more clarification and discussion. That is the aim of ISC forum)

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    Many members have said that ISC is not a social media site and I also agree fully with them and it is also correct that the forum section here is for the threadbare discussions on the subjects and not to count as who got how much likes or dislikes. Suppose a student asks here about a particular career line so we have to suggest him as per our experience and knowledge in the matter and when he finds so many suggestions or point of views then naturally his choices for options increase and that is the outcome of this forum activity that it generates all sort of points for a user who is in need of those answers or arguments. Likes and dislikes do not fit anywhere in this scheme of arrangement. The traffic to these forum posts is also related to the surfers who are in need of these discussion points for their use in their personal work or elsewhere in the internet. If our discussions and arguments are of high quality we would be able to attract more traffic to it and that should be the ultimate aim of everyone who is participating and contributing here.
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    I don't understand the defence of people that it is a educational site, just a small feature will not take away that status from the site. Also, we will still have the option to express that too will remain intact, it is just an additional feature like choosing the best answer.
    Or I also mentioned anything similar to choosing the best answer even in someone else's thread. Are we so afraid of being liked and disliked for our opinions? That we just come up with lame excuses to say for no to any new change.
    Everyone thought I want to make the site like Facebook when I already said anything similar will work. Even if no dislike option atleast a like option that will also be something good.

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    An interesting thread has been posted by the author, Forum is a medium where various authors can start a discussion on the appropriate topic according to them. Anyone who is interested in that discussion becomes a part of it otherwise not. Apart from this, editors have already been appointed by the ISC, who will decide on which thread should be discussed or not. As far as comments are concerned, sharing their responses by different authors is one such feature in which each author gives their views on any related thread.

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    Neelam, it is not the question of taking away status or something like that. The question is why should we have such a feature at all when our purpose is not to just like or dislike a thread or response? The forum section has been visualised in such a way that there is an interaction between members so that there is an exchange of views and ideas. It is for us to share what we know or what we think. That being the aim, how would it serve the purpose if a member simply likes or dislikes a thread or a response? To put it short, ISC does not want its members to simply like or dislike content but wants its members to come forward with their individual opinion in black and white. Hope you can understand the difference. Any number of arguments can be put forth in favour of having a like/ dislike feature but that, actually, does not suit 'this site'.
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