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    Omicron variant. One should be very cautious

    The new variant of the Corona virus is fast spreading in South Africa. The same is named Omicron. The same variant is spreading in Europe and other countries also.

    Today our Prime Minister Narendra Modi conducted a meeting with top health officials and conducted a review about this new variant and its effect. The Centre has issued guidelines to all the states to take rigorous steps. It has also asked the states to accelerate the screening of passengers who are entering India from other countries. Already Maharastra state government issued new norms to all the concerned.

    The government may take all the required steps. But as individuals, we all should follow all the required protocols and keep ourselves safe. Wear a mask, maintain social distance and restrict moments outside.
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    We all should remember that right now the corona virus and its new versions are lying low in our country but it does not mean at it is eradicated. This is such a deadly virus that once it gets a conducive environment then it would again strike with all its might and create a deadly third wave which will be a big challenge for the people as it is also known whether the present vaccine would safeguard us against it. This becomes very clear now that the public has to be very cautious and cooperative in the directions being stipulated by the Govt in this matter and must adhere to those guidelines. I just came to know that in some states the state Govt are going to increase the present fines significantly if people do not wear mask and do not keep social distancing. Govt will do its duty at its end but nothing would succeed until the public at large cooperates in it. This is a very basic thing and this is the responsibility of the citizens to spread this message everywhere.
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    In the science fiction movies, the image of 2021 and 2022 was an era of artificial intelligence and developed cities with flying cars and also movies of doomsday and ending of the world. Seeing the situation seems like the second part is getting nearer to the truth and what we are seeing is the worst nightmare that earlier generations could have thought of. Every day corona shows new colours and comes in a new avatar just like the chameleon.
    As soon as people little bit relaxed a new variant comes in, slowly it is getting so normalised that people are not even afraid now. This is such a pitiful situation we are living in.

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    The news is sending chilling moments for the people of India and though we need not worry about the presence of this contagious virus, but ample care must be taken as any single variant of Omicron penetrating to the country through visitors of abroad, we are going to face the huge challenge. It is stated that even those who are fully vaccinated can get this virus and therefore those who feel that they had two doses of vaccines cannot live with lethargy and all covid rules need to be followed and again restrict themselves by not moving out unnecessarily. India cannot afford another lock down as we have faced enough brunt all these months and only the people behavior at this stage would pave way for total control of the new variant. And the households should take care of children and the elders for sure.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Now there has been news that a expert committee is going to recommend the government about having one more extra dose of vaccine for the vulnerable lots among the elders who have the chance of getting infected by the Omicron. Even the WHO has been suggesting 192 countries to expedite their vaccine process on war footing as the new variant can even affect those who are two vaccinated. But again the elders would be bothered to rush for the vaccine, in the crowd, and that would be more dangerous to expose themselves. This time let the state governments organize the extra dose if at all needed, be given visiting the homes and that would prevent further infections to the seniors. And how about vaccines to children as in Telangana more than 200 kids got the positive and they are the school students.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Though the infection rate of corona in our country has come down drastically but it does not mean we should leave apart all such corona protocols. In the midst of its low rate, the new variant - omicron has resurfaced in South Africa known as much deadlier than the past versions of the virus. We need to gear up ourselves to prepare from such an infection with the strict adherence of wearing masks while going outside for any purpose and the same norms are to be followed done earlier. In some countries, booster dose is being thought of to arrest the spread of the new variant. In other countries, elder people are to be given booster dose on top most priorities due their low immune systems.

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    There are some reports coming from various parts of the world that the old coronavirus and the new strain of coronavirus whatever they are, not affecting so severely to the people who have already taken their two doses of the vaccine. If this information is correct and authentic then we can hope that people may get infected with this new strain but if the severity is not more and they get cured in some time then this also becomes like the normal flue that people used to have and used to get cured in 8 to 10 days time.
    But this doesn't mean that we should not take care of wearing mask and keeping social distancing. We must remember that if the the virus spreads in a large number of people then it will be very difficult to manage the huge population affected with this ailment and then all our system including the medical facilities will not be able to support that large number of infected people. To avoid that situation all of us have to take full care and should be very cautious on this front.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Once again this remains a matter of concern when we need to keep the country and ourselves safe from this infection. After going through both the procedures of vaccination, some people are having such a misconception that now they are not at any risk from any kind of virus. While we are knowing and understand that keeping ourselves safe from the changing variants of Corona and other viruses is still a big challenge and for this, we need to be careful. The government and other organizations may also work from their side but we should take our responsibility and take care of ourselves by following all protocols.

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    Should we really be worried for this new type of coronavirus? I don't know, rather I am confused. As of now we have been facing such threat and warning for last two years and we are getting immunity to listen to such warnings. Common people have no time to ponder over such issues. It is very true as I see common people are engrossed in their own lives. They have no time to think about such diseases. Their own problems keep them involved in finding solution of their problems. How many people die in accidents on roads we never count them. Ask someone who works in a hospital how many death certificates are issued by his/her hospital daily we have no figures to discuss this issue.

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