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    If your wants are less than your income then you are rich

    Rich and poor are relative terms. A person can become more and more richer by earning more money but he might be not satisfied with it. So, if he is not happy then the whole wealth is of no use. That is why our great saints and thinkers had told the people that they have to keep a control on their wants and when their wants are less or within a limit then happiness would easily come in their laps. There is no limit to the materialistic acquisitions but that might not bring the real joy of life which is there in a disciplined and controlled way of living. So, the only way to happiness is by reducing one's wants and when the wants are less then the income then the person becomes rich. What do you feel about this doctrine?
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    The important thing is to analyze the needs. We all need money but how much cannot be specified in an easy way. For some, the more money the better. Actually, when the need turns into greed it creates all the problems. When greed sets in the person cannot remain happy and become worried all the time. Another important thing is connecting our happiness with the materialistic acquisition. Happiness is a state of mind which we need to control. The more it depends on materials and wants the more complex it will be to manage the mind. If our happiness becomes unconditional then only we may remain happy all the time but in most cases, our happiness depends on many things. When happiness is dependent on money one earns then it is always better to spend according to the capacity and save something for the future. Overspending in such cases will lead to unhappiness and will give rise to difficulties.

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    Very nice observation from the author and it is the fact that when we enforce austerity measure within us, surely the waste expenditure are saved and we are on saving mode. And getting the product or service at the affordable rate and not paying more is also a important trait one must have because due to ignorance we end up paying more. For example when the tomato price is 140 elsewhere, I came across one shop selling fresh tomatoes for 100 and felt happy that I saved forty rupees. The quality was good and fresh also. Immediately I told my neighbors to fetch the same and they also got it and expressed happiness. So saving mentality from various ideas should be always be explored so that some amount or the other be kept for the future exigencies no matter it may be pittance or the tips for the others who may criticize us.
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    Lesser the desires happier the life. This is generally what everybody believes. But nobody settles for less. That is the beauty of this life. Food for satisfying our hunger, some clothes wear and a house live in. These are the minimum requirements. Initially, everybody will aim at the same. But slowly we will go for higher desires.
    It all depends on your satisfaction. Always looking at a person who is in a better position than us and worrying will give dissatisfaction and cause problems. Once we are satisfied with what we have, then we are in no way poor. We are rich only.
    A person with all comforts and a good bank balance will be also poor if he is not satisfied with what he is having. But a poor person also who is satisfied with what he is having, he is rich only.

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