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    How to know that elections are around the corner?

    Apart from astrologers, there are many who like to predict and predict things at random. When their predictions materialize they feel elated and at times utter some terms like "My predictions never fail", etc, etc. I am sure you came across such persons and at times may rely on their predictions also. There are also people who like to place bets on any issue and it may be found that they are passionate about placing a bet.

    Now, there are some ways and means through which predictions are made and many great men's predictions came true. One such way is minute observation and when you observe something closely for quite some time you can make out some ideas about the behaviour of the object under observation. If you observe closely the activities of the political parties in power you can gauge many things. I am mentioning one such activity of the parties in power in the municipality in my area by which one can easily understand that election to the municipality is around the corner. Recently, I can see people started repairing the roads in many areas. Though it's mostly a patchwork at least they are doing something. All these years they were nowhere to be found and suddenly they became quite active with the works on the road. Yes, elections to the local municipalities will be held shortly though the date is yet to be announced.
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    Nice thread from the author. The authorities know that the ensuing election dates are going to be soon and once the dates are announced there cannot be development activities and that is considered against the EC rules. So the pending civic works, and other larges promised during the last election would be tried to be fulfilled and that is the indication that new elections are in offing. Even the central govt giving not for big projects in UP has been considered as the prelude to election battle to show that Yogi government works for the development. Even PM had the dig at the past CM's of the UP who never considered development of the state and Yogi has been doing extremely well. Unfortunately we the voters never question the Corporator, MLA, MP;s who are having constituency development fund but never spend.
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    Just before the election ruling party or the opposition parties, all of them become conscious of the voters. They want to convince the voters that if the voters vote for them then only country will prosper and progress and the society would be benefited.
    It is easy for the ruling party to do so because they have the power and facilities to mobilize the people to repair the roads or create other facilities just before the elections which will sometimes woo the voters. Opposition parties cannot do like that but they will make some speeches and promises to the voters that if they come in power then they will do the work in a very good way and all the deficiencies in the services today will be removed and the life of common people would become very comfortable and happy. So these things are so common before the elections that we have become habitual of listening these false promises.

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    That is correct. The ruling government announces some benefits to the people. It is also an indication that elections are around the corner. In Telangana, when the bye-elections for an MLA constituency is around the corner, the State government started sanctioning funds for works in that particular constituency. Then the opposition party approached the court and the implementation of the new scheme announced in that constituency are put on hold.
    When the GHMC elections are due, the officials started working on the pending works like road repairing and other similar works. So to know that elections are nearing we have to study the working of the ruling people. The observation made by the author is very correct.
    The Corporator of our area is never visible after winning the elections. But when the due date for the next elections are nearing we can see him or roads moving with people and discussing with them.

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    Once the election is in the offing in any state, both central and state governments become unduly active promising many benefits and schemes for their comforts. Since the ruling party is enjoying power and hence for the same party it would not be difficult to announce some schemes immediately prior to election for alluring the voters. Though for the government it needs additional resources to implement such schemes but by diverting some funds for implementation of such schemes would provide substantial benefits to the existing government. Once the election phase is over, fresh decisions will come up according to the needs.

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