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    If you really want acceptance from others, first accept yourself.

    We human beings are full of emotions and these emotions play an important role for us in every field, in every direction, in every relationship even at every turn of life. When we try to strengthen ourselves emotionally, then somewhere we want people to accept us. We also feel more confident in ourselves when people show their acceptance of us. We always try to make ourselves worthy that the world accepts us but sometimes we forget that first, we should accept ourselves as we are.

    This does not mean that we stop trying to improve ourselves and just start considering ourselves completely or perfectly. Recognizing our shortcomings and improving ourselves by improving them is a sensible step and we must adopt it. But at the same time, we should take care that we and every person in the world have come to this world with some shortcomings and some merits. At the same time, our life is given by different circumstances and there are many elements that make our life and us, so first learn to accept what we are.

    Not accepting yourself means living a pretentious life, and if life is to be lived to the fullest, then one has to stop showing off and keep trying to improve yourself by accepting yourself. You will see that without any effort people and the world will accept you as you are because now you have learned to accept yourself.

    This is my thread for TOW Acceptance.
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    When we initiate any work or for that matter any write up or response, we have to read what has been written by us before uploading or submitting , otherwise it would become the laughing stock. First we must treat ourselves of worthy of other person before committing any deal or matter. That is why in sports the teams with equal strengths are always made to fight each and other and does not make sense when weak team fights with the formidable team. By accepting to the competition we throw ourselves at the ring and now be ready to accept the performance or the defeat at the hustings. And having accepted the challenge never repent for the adverse happening as the participation itself created ripples at the opposite person or team. So probe yourself before trying to interfere with others and throwing challenge to them.
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    We should get convinced that what we are doing or saying is right. Then only we should ask for the views of other people. Usually, when I write something, I first verify myself and once I feel it is OK. I will show it to my wife and my father and ask for their comments. Once they say they are happy I will circulate to others. This practice helped me a lot. My wife and my father will come out with their open remarks and if necessary I will change my writings so that the doubts raised by them are cleared and then only I will refer the same to others.
    It is always better to make self-evaluation and accept your stand and then only present the same to others. If we follow this sequence many of our acts will be accepted by many. Sometimes, we may feel that we did not do justice to the task we have taken up. In such cases, definitely, the response from others also will not be very encouraging to us. So I agree with the author that we should be satisfied with was before expecting appreciation from others.

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