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    In a hurry, we often increase the work.

    For the last few days, I have had a lot of household chores, because of which my contribution to kitchen work is getting more. I was in a hurry yesterday and I needed oil to fry the vegetables since I was getting late already, so in a hurry, I tried to take direct oil from the large container in the frying pan and suddenly the oil container was slip from my hand, and all the oil is scattered on the platform. On the one hand, I had to be free from work quickly and on the other hand, it took more time for me to finish my work. This was just a common example that may have happened to many people, so to avoid such accidents, it is very important to take a buffer of time so that no work is done in a hurry.
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    Yes, the author is right that any job doing hurriedly will affect the entire schedules. It has been practically seen that our concentration is lost while handling different jobs simultaneously. We cannot apply the requisite alertness essential for accomplishing the same. In the midst of our involvement, we are preoccupied with so many unwanted thoughts and as a result, we cannot concentrate on the main job. However such situations are not unusual for a busy mother engaged in dressing up her child who is likely to pick up the bus and at the same time the mother forgot to switch off gas where milk was boiling. We may have a lot of examples of such natures.

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    There is an old saying that slowly and steadily wins the race. Doing things in hurry is always a risky proposition and any incident can happen which can offset all our time which we earlier thought that will be gaining by doing that activity in a hurried way. Another thing is that when we do anything in a hurry then there will be a imbalance between our mind and our physical faculties. The reason for that is that our mind will be continuously thinking about doing that in the least possible time but our physical strengths and physical capabilities will not be in proportion to that direction from the mind. And in that conflict something will happen which is unpredictable. So it is always advisable to do the work in a normal pace and never try to do it in a hurry.
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    The author has shared the best example of how the hurry and huff way in which we spoil our work and even escalate the late matter in finishing the just easy job. That is the reason being there is a thing called time management. That means we have to envisage time and the initiate work at right time so that the work gets hassle free and we need not hurry on the matter. And having met with such bad experience at the kitchen by the author, I am sure she would doubly ensure proper arrangement at the kitchen and nothing can be done something in hurry when the work is at the gas stove and related to fire and that could have been more dangerous had something has happened otherwise. That is the reason being so when we work at the kitchen all pre-arrangements should be made without wasting the time to do next task.
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    That is true. Hurry makes us worry. There is a saying in Telugu that means that when you are in a hurry, you will get delayed definitely. When we are in a hurry to finish off the work, we are bound to do mistakes. Those mistakes will take more time than what initial it might have taken when we do it normally. That is why we should never think of shortcuts to complete the work fast. We will land in a difficult situation. This many times I also experienced.
    Once my family was going to our native place and I have to get them to the railway station and see them off. We were getting delayed. We got ready quickly and started in a hurry. But after travelling some distance I notice that the railway ticket was not carried with us and it was in the house only. Those days online ticketing was not there. We have to come back, collect the ticket and go to the station. So we have lost about 30 minutes in that whole process. But luckily the train was late by 30 minutes and we could reach the station on time.
    So it is better to plan properly and start the work as planned so that we will not have any last-minute hurry and problems.

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