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    Acceptance's Power: A Guide to Overcoming Frustration

    When was the last time you were irritated by someone? Maybe they're often late, can't seem to follow through, or you just don't get along. The possibilities are endless and we all have a long list of things why somebody else frustrates us. We are wired to anticipate life to be exactly how we want it to be. And we don't like it when it isn't. Many of us prefer to carry such frustrations with us on a daily basis. We rapidly forget that we have a choice in how we feel. I am no exception. For years, I've carried a list of expectations that have turned into frustrations. We seem to have a knack for letting the uncontrollable get to us. What's the point, though? Others are simply being themselves. It's fine if others don't approach life in the same way you or I do. There isn't enough time in life to choose frustration over acceptance.

    Accept and embrace them for who they are. This is where we have the opportunity to develop. Consider how much easier and more pleasurable your life would be if you just let these minor details go. I strongly believe that we can do whatever we desire as long as our decisions are consistent with our true selves. However, expecting someone close to you to change (especially if they don't want to) is impractical. And getting frustrated when your expectations aren't met is even more foolish. The only empowering choice is to accept.

    Frustration has no place in life. There will be numerous uncontrollable annoyances in life. Acceptance enables you to exercise control over what you can. When you accept someone for being themselves, you're compelled to look for the good in others. When you're surrounded by negative emotions, it's easy to forget how wonderful they are. Take a moment to recall what you like about them. Acceptance creates realistic expectations of others. Expect them to continue acting in this manner. Then you'll not be bothered whenever something unexpected occurs. Acceptance improves the quality of your connections. As you begin to focus on the best that individuals around you have to offer, the pent-up animosity will dissipate. And that is why Peter McWilliams has once said that "Acceptance is such an important commodity, some have called it the first law of personal growth".

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    We have our own expectation from others as regard to acceptance power of their actions and reactions. As long as we are in our own limits and have the consistency of understanding the situation of others, there is no dispute and doubt about our legacy and character. And just because we have changed, we cannot expect the same behavior from others and that is too much asking. We have the great choice of either go with those who toe our thoughts or just keep away from others as strangers. By accepting others offer actually it guarantees great connection between the two. One more thing we should also change to the situation and instead expecting of others to change to our range. When we accept certain rules and certain people in life, we have to adjust even overlooking their wrong doing to us because we have given them the right.
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    When there are some desires and expectations and when we fail to achieve them we will get frustrated. That is true in many cases and with many people. When we wear a new dress, we expect others to say it is good and suits us. If somebody says the other way, we may not like it and we will get definitely irritated and try to explain why we have gone for that particular dress. We are wearing the dress and we should be happy wearing that. Others may like it or not. We should never try to convince them and accept their comments as it is. Then you will not have any irritation or frustration.
    I agree with the author that the views expressed by others are their own and we have no say in that. That is why accept them in true spirits. If you feel they are genuine go ahead and try to apply them and if you feel they are not OK for you, just keep them aside. That will be the best policy.

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