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    Can a good writer create write ups in so many subjects easily?

    A good writer can write a good write up on so many subjects. Sometimes he will be using his own knowledge for creating that content or sometimes he will be referring to some other resources and then amalgamating them and presenting it in his own words and style. A good writer knows how to structure the write up and make a correct sequence of the information and material so that the reader finds an interest in reading that content. Except some highly technical matters where core competency is required, a good writer will be able to create documents easily. What is your experience in this regard?
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    Writing comes as the flow for some due to their vast knowledge on varied matters, experience of the past and overall great observation all around where we get leads and hints to create writeup. For example just I was passing through the SP road area of Secunderabad yesterday and found that new foot over bridge near the St Anns school was erected so fast but the head clearance at the center was very less as only children of 10 years old can pass and elders has to bend their body to down and pass the passage of Metro bridge running above. Whether it is engineering mistake or the erection mistake, but I made strong complaint with the GHMC and let us see what would be action taken. Here the write up came on the close observation as for others it is the facility and for me I could see non compliance of engineering needs.
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    Writing a few sentences on any subject may not be very difficult. But when we have to write a detailed article on any subject, we should have enough knowledge. Even one may not know everything but he should be able to refer to the books and get the required information. Searching for the required information on the selected subject itself is a very vast work and it is not easy to get onto all the facts. So it requires time and works to write something about a subject which you have selected. Once you have the required information with you, you should be able to present the whole information in a neat and clean way so that other people will also understand your views on the subject.
    As a matter of fact, good knowledge of the language and grammar is very much required for a person who wants to present himself properly. Of course, there may be some online tools to help but one can't depend on them cent per cent. But once you start writing and continue, definitely you will be improving your performance as become more and more experenced.

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    It is true that a good writer can put forward his words in such a way that the message reaches the front in the right way. It is also true that one can write a little bit about any subject, but the art of a writer is easily reflected in his words or articles. When here on ISC we see different forum threads every day from different authors, some times it is easy to find a new topic for discussion but sometimes a writer find many topics, finding a suitable topic is more difficult for a writer but after getting a subject it is easy to decorate it with words and this is the real art of a writer.

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