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    There lies the quality of work between acceptance and rejection

    Either at the school, college or even at the work place some are one step ahead of us and we often get enmity over them as to how they score more than us and what may be the secret ? There lies the quality of work between acceptance and rejection. Those who have been approved of having knack to do things in different way, they need not fear of results as the acceptance rate of their work is immense and in fact the followers and like would be more and that would bring further more inclusive performance beyond our own expectations.

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    When we deliver a job then its quality and standards are the main thing that help in getting it approved and also we get a reputation of delivering a good product and the only our acceptance in the business circles establishes. It is obvious that good quality and good performance are the pre-requisite for acceptance to follow. Another interesting thing about it is that there are some people who perform better and compete with others and make a place for themselves by delivering the services punctually and efficiently or by performing better in a competitive entries. They stand better chances for their selection in various places whether it is some job or service.
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    We will be doing many tasks and the desired output may come sometimes and sometimes it may be less than what we expect. That is an indication that we have not done the work properly or the quality of the work done is not up to the mark.
    We will be writing some articles to publish on some platforms. Sometimes they will get accepted and sometimes there may be a need to do some medications before getting it accepted or sometimes it may get rejected. The quality of the presentation matters more here.
    Like this anywhere the work we do may be accepted or rejected based on the quality of the work. Similarly, the products that are available in the market may be accepted by many consumers if the quality is good and they may be rejected if the quality is not as per our expectations.
    The author is very right in bringing in the quality aspect between acceptance and rejection and my appreciation to him.

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    We undertake numerous tasks in our lives and once a job is done confidently, there are absolute chances of its acceptance from our employers but contrary to it there might not be acceptance of the same due to the varied reasons. Not necessarily we have not produced the quality product but the employer would apprise us of such a product in the market lacks its demand though the finished product is of superb quality. On the other hand the resultant product is not up to the mark of the employer and ultimately it is finally rejected.
    However, rejection and acceptance are the two aspects and this should be accepted accordingly without being oversensitive to failures.
    The author has projected the quality aspect which might take either of the forms - acceptance or rejection and he is right in his interpretation.

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