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    Do you believe in destiny?

    Many times we feel that we can do anything we want in the way we want to do it. Sometimes we will be successful and we feel that we are great and we have all the abilities and qualities to be successful. When the output goes wrong we will try to blame others. Sometimes after doing everything correctly also, we will not get the desired results. Then we will say it is destiny.

    In a village in the state of Telangana, a person suffered from a heart attack. Immediately his family members shifted him to a corporate hospital and the doctors started treating him. But while surgery was in progress, the doctor who was conducting the surgery also suffered from a heart attack. Both the doctor and the patient were dead.

    When we hear such news we feel that destiny has its final say. What are your comments?
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    Very very pathetic in deed. When the destiny calls for its final say, we have nothing to do but to surrender for what is happening. This incident takes me to the year 1980 when my elder brother died and we are performing the 13th day ceremony which is called Shubham, and when everything was over and even the panditji shared the meal with us and when he went to wash the hands, he fell down on the back and had the head injury and died on the spot. Remember here, we are already in the grief of having lost the bread earner of 18 years age and this death added woes to us as we found ourselves at catchy situation as to how to inform the panditji family members that his father is no more. But I took the body and went politely to his son and explained what has happened. In fact he felt very sorry that our function was disturbed. Some times destiny plays more cruel.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Many people believe in the destiny but its meaning and concepts may not be very clear because of the underlying unknowns and uncertainties about this entity called destiny or fate or luck etc. Humans are having a raised consciousness level and that is why they could think of such things as destiny, God, supernatural, or anything that humans could not explain in the usual materialistic ways. Our ancients went for spiritual pursuits to unravel the truth about these things but they also achieved only some basic ideas and could not explore further to decode these mysterious elements in our lives. When we do not have any control on something then we attribute it to destiny or fate or any other thing of that nature but when it is in our control we with great pride tell that we did it and we were instrumental in achieving that. So there is a duality in our nature that when we achieve something we do not give credit to the fate but take it ourselves and attribute it to our hard work and when something goes wrong we start cursing our luck or destiny. That surprises me to a great extent because if destiny is there then we should accept it in all situation and give credence to it only for everything that we achieved in our lives. I remember in our village there were some old people whom if we had congratulated for some success or gain in their lives they simply smiled and told that it was the grace of God only otherwise they were not capable to achieve so. It was too humble to do that but probably they knew that destiny did it.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The famous Tamil lyricist late Kannadasan had written in his 'Arthamulla Indumatham' (Meaningful Hindu thoughts) that humans will have God only and only as far as the exact timing of one's birth and death is remaining a hidden secret till it happens. Once humans know that secret, God is not there for him.

    It is only because 'things that we expect do not happen'; and 'things we do not expect just happen' -that we are compelled to believe in destiny , fate etc.

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    This creates a lot of disputed situations because not only do two people have different views on this matter but sometimes the same person has two views. Sometimes there are some incidents that make us feel that what has been written in fate will happen and it happens, but on the other hand, many times we have seen such examples where it is not the fate of the person but his karma. Took it to where it is today. We know that life will never go the same that we planned but still, we should make our plans and be strict towards them, who may know what would be the result.

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