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    Paddy politics and the parody behind it

    The Telangana govt has been blaming the center as TRS and Congress accusing the NDA govt not agreeing to purchase the boiled rice by the center. We all know that very purpose of National food security and the distribution of rice through ration shops, that the poor must have the quality rice. How can center purchase boiled rice which has not takers ?Therefore the Paddy politics and the parody behind it has been totally exposed the TRS and Congress as they seem to impress the farmers but their demand is the national waste.
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    Everywhere it is politics only. No single leader in TRS is having a soft corner towards the citizens of the state. They always play politics like this only. That is the nature of the Chief of TRS. BJP is trying to improve its position in the State. Revanth, the new Chief of State Congress party, is also trying to get the support of the people. Now KCR started accusing the Central government. The Central government is telling that their storehouses are full and they are requesting farmers not to produce more paddy. In between the sufferers are the farmers. They are in a fix and don't know what to do.
    BJP Chief of Telangana is telling that KCR should go ahead with the implementation of the Ritu Bandhu programme without any delay. This entire show is only to get the support of the people by blaming each other. I read somewhere that the Central government clearly said how much paddy it can purchase and beyond that there is no chance. But the news is correct or not is not known.

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    We should be happy that paddy production is more and we should try for managing it's export to other countries where there is a demand for it. Instead of doing that we are wasting time in cheap politics where state and centre would be blaming each other and farmer will suffer. It takes time for the farmers to change their crops from one crop to other. It is not a one day affair as it takes months together for a full crop. Govt has to think in the direction of utilising the excess crop so that it does not get wasted just like that.
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    Why exporting, let the stocks be released in open market as we are paying more for rice.
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