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    When the result expected is of our liking then our encouragement levels increase significantly

    When we have expectations that by doing a certain job or task we would be benefited in some manner and that benefit is of our liking then our encouragement level increases tremendously. In such a situation we take up those jobs seriously and sincerely and try to do our best. Let me give one small example here to illustrate this in better fashion. About 35 years back I got introduced to computers in our workplace though everyone was not allowed to work on them and only some concerned people with computer background worked on them and used them. As I had interest in learning about it I took special permission to use it and I was allotted a few hours on holidays to use it. My aim and interest was to learn a language and at that time the simplest to learn was 'Basic' and I started to learn it myself taking help from the computer experts and some books etc. Then I made a code and after some trials the code worked and I showed it to my seniors and they appreciated it and then gave me an office project to be done in that language and I successfully completed it under their guidance.
    When the code worked successfully I was so happy and excited and that was the benefit I was talking above. Have you got any such experience where you were much excited after some such achievement?
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    Definitely, it will boost the interest. When there is a huge benefit awaiting, we will definitely be inclined to compete and complete the work at the earliest.
    In 1988, I joined a new company as the quality control manager. The company was starting its initial trials. I was one of the team members to install and start the production. We all know that we were the first generation Managers in the company and definitely, we will get boosting to our career if the trials are successful and the company starts commercial production at the earliest. The team worked day and night and the unit went into commercial production and I got promoted to the next level as DGM technical. I served that company for 28 years and resigned from the company as Director(Production). We delivered the goods as we anticipated a big boost to our career and that paid dividends to us as well as to the company also.

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    At office the management would be keenly watching those who have the knack to perform well and also take up additional work to which special permission would be granted and even some extra allowances would be given. In the case of author and his ability to connect with the computers and basics and later on with codes, proven to the management and other senior staff that the author has created passion for learning new things and hence the results were expected on the linking of others, they encouraged fully and that increased the confidence and productivity for sure. I used to spare time for the cashier during salary disbursement day in my previous company in Delhi during 1980 -85, where in for 300 employees giving cash is a committed work and the management gave permission to me to work with cashier on that day
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    While floating this thread my Idea was also to highlight the fact that sometimes it is not only the monetary benefit that motivates us to learn or do a job but also the satisfaction of simply learning and acquiring that skill. I would like to add that dimension also to this discussion.
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    In private companies there are huge chances for experimenting with new job tasks and the venturing into it thanks to the management permission one can learn every other job. In fact some companies are training the employees in such a way that the work should not hamper in the absence of particular job or his task and therefore learning every section job would be much better for which we should also have much time otherwise our work would be pending. For example one can learn how to take out dispatch printing details. how to make final billing, how to make the courier request and so on. All these are related works but different staff would be manning them, but having the idea of every work would be easy for us and we can also help them when there is more work load in those sections and this way their results expected would be encouraging for us.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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