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    A big problem when saving an article

    I had been contributing articles in ISC for several years. However, a big problem is now haunting me. I really do not know how to counter it. This morning, I typed an article, and then saved it. This article is on Mentoring of educational institutions. It has been saved, but one thick line on the left and another thick line on the right, which resembles the scene from a typical Rajnikant movie, where he will bash up the bad characters in a dark room, appears from nowhere.

    My article has been saved, but these dark lines are back once again. This happened some time ago, and after that it was somehow resolved. And then I fell sick and was away from ISC for quite a while. Now, when am active, I really do not know how to solve this problem.

    Saji Sir and other experts, may please do help me sort out this problem. My article is saved but the Rajnikant movie lines are also there.
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    You must have written this article in some application like word or text editor or any other editor and once you had completed it then you must have copied it from there to the ISC article content box. So, there might be some formatting problem in that application itself. Try to copy it to some other place (like word doc to text editor) and see if lines are coming there also.
    Then you copy from that place to ISC article content box.
    If it does not work then you can type directly in content box also for your next articles and save them as draft without submitting them. Many people directly write in these boxes provided by ISC.

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    No. I did not type it elsewhere. I typed it directly only in the space in ISC. This is not the first time this has happened. It happens only when I write an article and then save it. This is exactly why am worried.;

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    So far no member has reported such a problem with the ISC site. I have also not experienced such a thing. So, there could be some problem with the device that you are using. Device means laptop or mobile. Most probably you might be using a laptop. There are some basic things that you can try like cleaning the laptop with some virus program and sometimes that helps as there could be some erratic cookie or thing like that resting in the cache of the system. If that does not help then you have to take help from some computer expert in your area. Generally the persons doing laptop repairing work could help in this matter.
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    AB Sivakumar,

    If you have saved it and it is ready for publishing, why not just go ahead and submit it? Are you having problems in submitting it? Those black lines may just be an issue that is part of the earlier template and not really affecting the publication of your article. After submitting, if you see any problems with the appearance of the article, then let us know.

    I would also suggest that henceforth instead of giving overdramatic analogies, attach a screenshot for us to understand what is the issue with the article.

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    What has been observed in the recent past that two into marks with circle are seen right on the body of the content and even at the side of the score place. Unless and until these are removed, we cannot go to the next action. Actually I wanted to report this problem to the admin and now doing so. There seems to be hidden ads appearing to which we cannot see and the content area is blocked and therefore we cannot submit, edit or do nothing. And these into marks keep on appearing even after we remove the same. Webmaster should see this menace end. Probably the author is also facing the same problem. And those who do not remove this for the time being , it will not disappear on own and thus there seems to be deliberate attempt to insert ads in our pages either known to ISC or unknown to the administration.
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    Mohan, probably what you are pointing at is mostly happening in the mobiles when the submit or save buttons are shadowed with the advertisements and we have to click on the last end of these buttons which is just out of the advertisement and it is sometimes tricky to do so. But I did not have this problem in the laptop.
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    AB Sivakumar,

    When you raise a thread about some problem with content submission, it would be good to report back and let us know if the issue has been resolved or requires further assistance as sometimes we need to refer it to the admin.

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