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    Is it justifiable for a husband to beat his wife?

    Is it justifiable for a husband to beat his wife? This is a question asked in the National Family Health Survey conducted by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. The answer given by a large section of Malayalee women is that this is justifiable. According to the National Family Health Survey, 52% of Malayalee women say that there is nothing wrong with a husband beating up a woman who does not look after her children, does not do housework, and treats her husband's family with disrespect.

    Will beating the wife solve all the problems? I do not think so.

    What is your opinion about this?
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    As a large number of women have accented to beating, there must be the reason that the women have accepted that they are not maintaining their responsibility as a woman of her family. Because in most cases the reason for beating has been defined in that survey due to not taking care of the family members of her husband properly or her children also. If the survey result as published really happens then it will be very dangerous for our future generation. It is quite different from our Indian social system. From the survey, we have to understand the reason for such conduct of the female counterpart and immediate measures should be taken by the appropriate authority for the psychological& mental stagnation therein. But in no situation beating should be a remedy.
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    I have seen the verdict on this topic. They have mentioned the state wise agreements except Tamilnadu and some states. This is similar to the rulings on school teachers not to beat the children on any account. Actually this leads students to go on the other way as the teachers are not punishing them even by seeing the students are erring from the right way. On the other hand the students took this ruling in the other way that is they, the students are punishing the teachers even to the level of killing. Many us would remember a student stabbed the school teacher with a knife in North Chennai. There should be a moral fear on teachers but the same should not be terror in the minds of students about the teacher. I am seeing in many schools the teachers either male or female are looks like a master and not a teacher as they keep their faces as they are very strict. This will make the students to keep their mind as teachers are not a person to reach normally. We in our family none of my brothers and sisters have feared about the teachers as they all were best friend to any students. In spite the class teacher of my younger brother used to come to our house for inquiring the happenings in the school when he took leave for the day.
    Similar to this the husband and wife are two eyes of a family they should see the thing commonly without any bias as it is very difficult to see a thing if two eyes are not correlate each other. They should keep their mind in an amicable way as they do everything /anything for the family. The beating wives are seen nowadays in many places as well beating husbands also. Generally speaking beating of either husband or wife each other is unjust. This leads to the quarrelsome situation and thereby the family would be in the street. But we should take the judgement as a general note and should see the situation based on what the judgement was delivered. Mere seeing the outline and coming conclusion should not be a correct one.

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    This is really strange reactions and responses given by over 52 percent Malayalee women that they justify with husband beating the wife for not looking after the children, does not do the house hold work and treat family with disrespect. Normally a husband always like the wife and it is the wife who must keep that position and should be amicable to all the needs and wants of the family and she should do nothing that will derail the peace of the family. Most of the arranged marriages are sustaining and the wife does the most understanding way of behavior with the child, home and the in laws and that is the reason being so the success rate of good wife is high but the problems comes with love marriage where in all things not discussed and sudden marriage would spoil everything and only faces offs are guaranteed.
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    Under any circumstances, a person beating another person is not the correct method. In some unavoidable circumstances, parents may go to the extent of beating their children with the intention that the kids will not get spoiled in their lives. That may be acceptable.
    There can be discussions and arguments when there is a difference of opinion between the couples. But it should not lead to beating each other or one party beating the other. What is the question given in the survey and what are the conditions they have mentioned as reasons for beating are secondary and first of all beating under any circumstances is illegal.
    Why such a percentage of ladies gave such a reply is not known to me. Who are those ladies and what is their social status and financial status is not known and a study is required in the sampling procedure also? At the same time, ladies should not ill-treat the family members of their husbands.

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    I am one who abhors any kind of physical violence on anyone,. Wife being our life partner, well wisher and even looks upon their husband for security of body and mind violence on one's wife is more despicable and to be avoided.
    Even Kautilya has given physical punishment as the last one in th order of the four Upayas or approaches .

    This kind of physical attack or inflicting physical pain is not meant to be in the current civilized and gender equality world.

    However the s portion " 52% of Malayalee women say that there is nothing wrong with a husband beating up a woman who does not look after her children, does not do housework, and treats her husband's family with disrespect." indicates the special mental attitude and approach of those people. This is our general attitude when w feel that we have committed a mistake and only a punishment can deter us from committing it further. It is a mental attitude of owning up our own mistake and to remove the guilty feeling. Thus it is felt that a punishmnt of inflicting some pain by beating, tweaking of ears, etc by a teacher are taken as deserving correctional methods by the teacher who has the right to do that. By taking up the punishment the student feels that there is a levelling up or compensation or contra action to the mistake . This now aware that she had committed a mistake and a beating by the disband is a correctional reminder which absolves her of the otherwise feeling of guilty complex.

    However I am of the view that as far as possible the first three of the four Upayas should only be used. Imagine the consequences and development of the situation, if there is a similar retaliation by the other side.

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    Wife is the constant company of her husband. If they lead the peaceful lives with their mutual understanding to sort out different issues amicably, company becomes joyful for both of them. If there is the case of wife beating in some pockets of our country, it is because of the state of illiteracy of the husband or might be the husbands have not been brought up in congenial environments. Such husbands are often alcoholics or are under the influence of drugs. They are not taking care of their wives or supporting their life partners at any stage. The wives remain confused how to manage the household expenses especially when the irresponsible husbands shirk their responsibilities. If wives are highlighting some pertinent issues related to home, they are beaten mercilessly. Such husbands even forget what would be its ultimate effect on their children.

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    In my opinion it is not correct and justified if a husband beats his wife. The wife may not obey him or not serve him as per his wishes but it does not entitle him to beat her. May be in the primitive society people were doing such things but today in the educated and cultured society it is definitely not acceptable. On one side we are going for a 100% equality between women and men and on the other side if we believe that beating of a wife by her husband is justified then it is too much and is unbearable in this civilised world. If a husband drinks and fights with his wife and children then does the woman is entitled to beat her husband? Why not? If a husband is not taking the responsibility and wandering here and there instead of working then does it also entitle her wife to beat him? If not then beating of wife by husband is also not correct.
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    84% of Telangana women, 84% of Andhra Pradesh women, 77% of Karnataka women, 66% of Manipur women, 49% of J&K women, 44% of Maharashtra women, and 42% West Bengal women supported husbands beating wives under particular conditions. The percentages were almost the same in the previous National Family Health Survey(NFHS) 0f 2015-2016 also. One notable thing the survey found is that the acceptability of women increased with age. The acceptability decreased with education and wealth. The acceptability is more in rural women than the urban areas. The acceptability of men is less than women in both NFHS 4 and NFHS 5 and decreased more in NFHS 5.
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    I do not believe that a large number of women could agree with this statement, physical violence is not right in any way. I have seen many cases where husband beat their wives but not just they are not fulfilling their responsibility but just because the husband was drunken and want to satisfy his failure and frustration by beating his wife. Many families break up because of the same reason still women in favor of this, it is quite strange. I understand that people have lived their lives in their own way but as human beings, we should never forget our humanity, and beating other people is against humanity.

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    This survey shows that our women don't mind if they are beaten by their husbands. It is not surprising for me because it is commonly observed in our society that women are beaten quite often, especially, in uneducated or uncivilised families. It has been a trend around us that women are considered as subservient to men.
    I think that women should be given equal status in our society. There is no question of beating her but it is also an obligation on a woman to look after her in laws as her own parents and I assert that a woman should unite her family instead of breaking it into pieces. In the name of women empowerment happy families are also separated by women. A son is brought up with love and care by his parents but when he is married his wife creates a big rift between her husband and in laws. It is often seen in our society that old parents are living separately from their only son and his family.
    The questions raised in the survey are very much related to this reality of this society.

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