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    Acceptance is better than resistance to social change

    We the social animal are intimately connected with the laws of the society under the binding social system. But many times with the change of era some things become useless in the system. Theirs a need for a change in the system for the interest of society. Because the wind of change has blown in the tide of the age, people are waking up today. So change is inevitable in the interest of the renaissance. On the other hand, tradition, customs, cultural regularities, routines, timetables, and certain rules, are mixed in human blood, and it is difficult to get him out of it. That is why any change in our society since ancient times has not been easily accepted by society, even now many have not been able to accept it. Such as the widow marriage system or the development of nineteenth-century woman empowerment. But good changes are always accepted by the largest society in the world. What do you think? Which would you prefer to accept or prevent social change?
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    We can't prevent changes that are happening around. But accepting the same and implementing the change by the individual will depend on the individual. You may like some changes and I may not like the same. You may implement or may not. We need not resist the people who are trying to implement the change. Because it is their lives and they will only enjoy the results of those changes wither good or bad.
    These days in society many changes are taking place and some changes are very unethical also. But as an individual, you have no say or you can't stop them also. But personally, one need not accept and implement it. Once upon a time drinking alcohol is prohibited. But now there is no prohibition and easily available in the market. But no one will insist us drink the same. Really you are not interested you need not get habituated to drinking. Live with society and going with the stream is the order of the day and that is the best policy. I feel.

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    There is a popular saying that if you cannot swim against then swim along. Same way acceptance is the better choice than resistance, because we should be ready to face the consequence and even the backlash on the matters to which we are not aware of any details and simply by resisting we are inviting the wrath of those who are supporting the acceptance. Sometimes the acceptance power is more and in democracy those who support more are regarded and others are not cared and they are not regarded. So any resistance is considered a negative feeling and act and there cannot be more liking and people would keep away from the resistance seekers. But here is the take, when the intentions are good and the work is good for the society and social change, the acceptance is not forthcoming from those from whom it is most sought.
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    Many things in the past were not acceptable but these days such practices are common such as alcoholism, habituated with excess us of mobiles etc.Though you are not habituated in that way but still you would not resist such habituated persons either. Life is like that and there are different people accepting such changes and by doing so they feel comforts. Sometimes you may feel that your neighbour having the habit of wife beating should be resisted from such a bad habit but still you may not a corrective step in that direction. It means that such norms which you are witnessing has some form of acceptability and even though you are not one of them, you cannot even change such bad norms.

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    There are certain things in the society which require change. That is the way in which generally progress and development take place in the society. Old traditions are to be examined in the light of modern era and suitable changes in them are required time to time. Sometimes bad traditions are to be totally eradicated from our lives. There are some persons in the society which due to their own vested interests do not allow others to change the set rules and regulations. In such cases it is very difficult to change the set patterns by some people who want to change them. It is obvious that in such conditions conflicts and confrontations will also arise between the people and make the things more difficult.
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    If I assess my views about changes in society or social behaviour I find myself blended with particles of conservatism, liberalism, radicalism. Sometimes, I am a progressive person but sometimes, I am a rigid orthodox kind of creature as it is all subject to situation or the social environment I am tugged in.
    This world is so different and so big. We can't change it nor should we ever think to change because it changes at its own. If you are standing at the metro railway station you don't need to step in the compartment, just keep standing, people will push you in and you will scuddle in quite effortlessly. Many of you might have been experienced it.
    I am never impressed by the ongoing trends on any level, I choose what suits me pertinent. The author is interested in changes in our society. Some changes which occur in our social behaviour or customs are inevitable and they are not resisted at all because of their applicability or manner of implementation or what external force propels them in our social system etc.

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    A good submission by the author for the TOW contest, It is absolutely right that we should accept the changes which are in the interest of society because they come in the form of positive changes in the society. Today, the society of which we are an integral part, this society was something else a few years ago, if we get information from history, then we see that our ancestors have been victims of many evils of society, but then some social reformers came and the situation was better. The resistance is quite simple but the acceptance is more difficult than anything and we should understand its value. Even today there is a social reformer among us but also within us but we need to take initiative. But this initiative or change should not be made on the basis of self-interest but should be taken by thinking about the interest of the society and the people.

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