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    I am a new comer to this ISC

    I am coming into the world of ISC as a new comer.
    I have been referred by
    but I could not clik the url as mentioned in his inviting mail. Kindly suggest me whether is there any way to mention his referral.
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    Welcome Ramakrishnan to this most happening website dedicated to the cause of the students and others and through this forum platform you can express ideas and issues or even matters of great interest to deliberate and debate. As regards to the referral you are talking about, ask the member to share his referral code available in the profile and that can be shared here to complete the formality that you have been made member through him. Anyway go through the rules and regulations and also the help topics and be active in this section and other sections as to how to contribute , how to create interest in others reading and how to earn a decent income. Hope Ramanisha would have briefed about the same and start working and contributing the best out of your mind. Please make sure that you will not copy paste any item.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Welcome, Ramakrishnan to this earn while you learn site and definitely you will get benefitted duly for the time you are spending on this.
    As far as I know one has to use the referral link provided by the member of this site to join here. Then only he will be entitled to the benefits in the referral program. For more information on this, you can click on the following link and you will get the full information.
    When referred person joined
    In addition to that, you can go through the following links so that you will get a good understanding of this site.
    Help Topics
    A comprehensive guide for new members. Sectionwise FAQs and Guidelines

    always confident

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    Welcome Ramakrishnan to this educational site and if you have interest in creative and content writing especially related to the educational material then this is the perfect place to publish that work and please note that this is a great place for beginners also and there are many avenues for learning here. Editors and members in this site are always ready to guide and help the newcomers. I wish you a good time in this site and as other members have already advised, you can go through the help section and then select the areas and sections where you want to contribute. All the best.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Welcome k s ramakrishnan.
    You are now a member of ISC. Very nice of it.
    As you are referred by another member you would already have some idea about this site.
    Please explore the site initially and become familiar with the various sections and the uniqueness of each section.

    Try to be active in Forum as well as in other sections whenever possible. Very soon you will be able to post a good testimonial in ISC.
    Best wishes for a good stay at ISC.

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    Ramakrishnan, a warm welcome to ISC! Our senior members have already guided you. Famialirise and follow. All the best!
    'Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.' -Zig Ziglar

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