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    Women's nature change by love

    Love is a common emotion in all living beings, it is a great tool for everyone. People win many adventures with this love. Many times even after the death of a person, the memory of his love is present in everyone. But there is strange psychology prevalent about Women's nature that they can be radically changed by love. Rabindranath Tagore also wrote, "The biggest changes in a women's nature are brought by love and in man, by ambition". Therefore, in today's India, love is especially important to complete the contribution of women for the overall betterment of society. Because their constructive contribution to society is important.
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    A woman always yearns for attention and affection and that can also be termed as love. Lover does not mean any physical overtures, but caring about her emotions, position and also respecting her post in the society. One thing I observed that as long as the woman is strong, she would not allow her ambition and task to deter and she would achieve the same against any odds. Though when a woman lost her husband and happens to stay as a single mother with child, there may be forceful overtures on her to accept for the second marriage just to stand as the father for the child. But I have seen some woman had the guts and courage to stay alone and strive for the success of the child and over the period of time all the credits of the child growing big and achieving great success in studies and securing employment goes to mother only.
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    A housewife, who works from morning to evening in the kitchen, will forget all her hard work and smile from the heart if you just say that she did good work and appreciate her work. When we sit before the plate for eating and when she serves the dishes if we taste them and say they are tasting good she will forget her hunger also and never hesitates to serve the full quantity without keeping a little also for her. I agree with the author that a couple of words expressing our love towards her will definitely change her nature. When a lady is very angry if we start accepting her deeds and trying to pacify her will give good results. Once she becomes normal she will think and go as per our wishes more than her wishes. Rarely we see these qualities in Men.
    Many times we can win over ladies by saying good words to them and understanding their point of view and not rejecting her suggestions immediately after she tells her ideas.

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    The role of wife is to offer pleasure to both their children and husbands and in fact, she has performed her task with her dedication. In fact, while doing so she is not asking any financial obligations. She is doing her best with the self motivation but there is one thing that she is always expecting from her husband and children. It is their sustained love which provides her energy and stamina. If by chance, she loses her husband while she is still at the young age, she would undertake the entire responsibilities of the household to support her children both financially and physically. She tries her best to reshape their careers according to the wishes of their children. Let us please this great soul with our kind words whenever there exists such opportunities. In that situation, she would forget all her pains.

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    It is said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Definitely women are more sensitive and sentimental towards feelings of love and emotions. They are attracted to caring, good behaviour, and respectful attitude. They do not like rough and tough postures and avoid the stressful situations. The care that a mother gives to its child is based on that nature only. So, it is definitely true that women can be kept in good spirits under a loving and affectionate environment and that is the reason why in some families the women feel happier as other family members take care in these matters.
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    Well, we can see many changes in our world and with the same, we can found in behaviors of people whether men or women. I agree that love is very and most important factor for all and especially for women it has more important because women may live her life for her family, husband, children, parents, in-laws, etc, and when she lives for them surely she expects some return from them and this return is just a love and affection from them. But in today's world women also being more career conscious and when those career path is affected due to other responsibility, she may not think about just love but also about their career.

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