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    The difference between try to be best or doing the best

    There is always consistent conflict and claim between the trying to do the best and doing the best. While trying to do the best is the competitive mind to outsmart the overtures of the others by being one step ahead and thus proving to be on beneficial note. On the other hand the person knows that doing the best would be best criteria as any overtures in the melee would not only loose the name and fame and even the chance of being out of the scene. And by doing the best it portrays the self discipline of doing things in the own way without feed or help. Thus the difference between try to be best or doing the best always exists.
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    Doing the best possible for us is always better. So that we need not worry afterwards even though the result is not as per our expectations. Sometimes we may be a little lazy thinking that the competitors are no way near to us. In such cases, if we lose the battle we may have to repent for the attitude we have shown while executing the task. Irrespective of the competitors' abilities if we do our best even though we lose we need not repent.
    We have to try all the ways and means possible to get the best result possible for us. Generally, we need not think of others and their methods. Individuals will select their own ways based on their skills and opportunities. As long as they are not unethical we need not worry about that. Instead of concentrating on our own work and progress, thinking of spoiling the chances of others is never a good trait. How we try our best, the other person will also try his best. Finally deserved only win. So it is always advisable to concentrate on our own efforts and see that we will be on our top always.

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    If not really practiced both are same and will serve only as an escapist answer. Even when practiced it is the result that matters. Otherwise it will be just a self solace.

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    There maybe some subtle difference between the meaning of these two terms but eventually they lead us to do things in the best possible manner. When we say that we would try to do it in the best possible way then there is an element of doubt also there because we are not sure of the results, we are only trying and we could be successful or not.
    On the other hand when we say that we would do it in the best possible way then it clearly means that we are sure of doing it in the correct way and success is going to follow. So the confidence is more in such cases and it also shows that earlier experience might also be there with the person who is now going to do that job.

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    One should give their hundred percent efforts for any work and do level best, our mindset should be like that way so we think about our efforts and not just for the result. When a person thinks about the way he/she giving efforts, may do all work consciously, and the result automatically comes positive. The author discussed two different ways of doing best but the motive of both is the same and the efforts applied also could be the same. When we do our best we know that this is the opportunity when we can apply all our efforts and show our capabilities.

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    Trying to do the best and doing the best both are close to each other but what comes in my mind is that trying to do the best is theoretical approach whereas doing the best is practical approach.
    Both might have different identities though but at the end of the day both of them are so much intertwined each other that they can't be separated.
    One who wants to succeed is required to do one's best else way of success becomes tough to go through. Being practical instead of theoretical brighten the chances of success.

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