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    Blind acceptance hampers societal progress

    To accept is good, but we must also know the limit of acceptance. God has blessed human beings with both mind and heart; thus, people can differentiate between right and wrong. Be it in personal life or, as a society, if we human beings fail to judge what is good for us and accept the harmful practices, then progress would be hindered, and we will go a few steps backwards.

    Raja Ram Mohan Roy, the social reformer, was the pioneer in banning the Sati Pratha in India. What a pathetic system it was! Blindly accepting such a custom is simply inhuman. Many other social evils like the dowry system, child marriage, disallowing widow remarriage, male domination, caste system, non-education of females, the disparity between wealthy and poor are still plaguing our society. The life of the sufferers become hell. Wiping out the degrading social practices is possible only when there won't be any takers. Unfortunately, people with wrong beliefs encourage such evil systems, but a reformer brings some positive changes. Voicing against the odd norms is the best example of not accepting anything blindly. Acceptance must have a parameter that should help to cleanse the system and humankind.

    People must learn to evaluate every occurrence that takes place around them. Pros and cons showcase the final impact of any action, and accordingly, people must react and adopt the right path. Without analysing if something is accepted just because it's a norm can sometimes lead to destruction. Blind acceptance curbs healthy discussion and leaves no scope for improvement in any sphere of life, which is unfair.

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    The author has hit upon the right chord by raising a issue which bothered many in those days and Sati was the most painful and horror for those who undergone through that process and eventually it was banned thanks to Raja Ram Mohan Roy. Unfortunately in India there is great respect attached to the living with husband and after his depart, the wife seems to be non taker those days and hence need to end the life in the pyre. But these days the second marriage were also made not for the living pleasure, but as the companion in last years and as a mentor for the child who lost the father. But having accepted the blind following those days one must think the helplessness of the women who cannot resist falling into the burning fire and losing the life and sometimes the fire may not engulf properly and women left with burn injuries.
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    It is unfortunate that in the society sometimes some people start to accept a tradition or convention just because it is told by some influential people or it was in practice for quite some time. There were many such practices which were wrong but were blindly followed by people without seeing and analysing them with a rational mind. When some social reformer tries to talk against those bad practices then most of the people will initially oppose him and create hindrances in his reformative work. For the healthy progress and prosperity of a society it is necessary that people should examine and re-examine the established practices to find out whether they are logical and rational in their approach or not. Once we are satisfied with the logic behind those practices then only we should allow them to continue otherwise there is no point to follow those old incorrect things.
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    The author has given a right and good message through his thread, acceptance is right only as long as the interest of the society is hidden in it, where we constantly start accepting wrong as well, then perhaps we are promoting evil. It is only when we raise our voices that we get opportunities to question our existence. If we ignore the evils happening in society, then we also make ourselves guilty. As the author said I agree that today's many social evils are part of our life and we also involve some of them but could not recognize it as evil.

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    I agree with the author. Nothing should be accepted blindly. You may not be able to impress others. But No one will stop us to express our opinions and we need not accept anything by force. God has given us brains and we can think and decide which is good and which is bad. When we offer a sweet to the other person he should not accept it if he is a diabetic patient. He need not accept blindly thinking that the other person will feel bad.
    As mentioned by the author there are many disparities in society. As an individual, you need not follow all those systems and you can avoid disparities. Accepting things blindly and getting into problems is in no way acceptable. Some people accept and say they have accepted because of the pressure from the other side. But it is a blame game. Accepting or rejecting is the decision of the individual and one should use their wisdom to analyse and decide accordingly.

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    Yes, I completely agree with the author here as the blind following of acceptance of traditional, rituals and some social norms have often led the society towards regressiveness and degeneration. And once in a while a person was born who did not accept these things blindly and changed society for good. Be it scientists, social reformers and leaders, those who were not ready to blindly accept the authorities were able to change and revolutionise the society.
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    The author has emphasised on social changes that has dual aspects i.e. positive aspect and negative aspect . Only positive aspect should be accepted and negative aspects should be discarded. I agree with her if negative or detrimental change in social environment is accepted may entail negative and harmful ramifications.

    I have discarded several illogical social customs and rituals which ,in my opinion, are baseless . I see many a man are still following them and if I raise my voice against these baseless and illogical rituals people will be exasperated- e.g. people are given feast after death of someone. This is an ages long rutual prevalent in muslim society. This ritual is quite illogical in my sight. My family has already discarded this illogical practice. We never go to eat this food.
    I see these rituals as shackles which keep people narrow -minded. Similar ill customs are followed in our society. We need to liberate from these shackles.

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