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    You have always been underestimated by yourself

    There has been instances where we are told by the others that we can and we must do it. While the confidence level with us was not forthcoming and when suddenly those who watch us closely and know more about us says that you have always been underestimated by yourself, that triggers greater strength to explore more about ourselves. Because what has been proved in the life that everything that we wanted was truly there on the other side of the fear to which we were lagging behind. And remember if at all a change has to come in the life, the initiation has to begin from the self. Any comment ?
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    Self assessment is something which varies from individual to individual. One has to estimate one's strength and capabilities and while doing so one can overestimate as well as underestimate, both the scenarios are possible in different individuals. Those who overestimate themselves take up the jobs quickly but sometimes fail to deliver the goods. On the other hand those who underestimate themselves are always hesitant in taking up the job because the fear is lurking in their mind about the success of the job and in many cases they don't venture in that arena. It is always better to have a balance mind while estimating oneself and one should be realistic in that so that one can take a good decision for taking up of a particular job.
    Knowledge is power.

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    This is true that the author observed, due to lack of confidence or not recognizing one's own strengths, many times a person starts feeling that things are a bit difficult for him, but with time and self-development, every success can be achieved. When a person comes to the field as a new player, he also needs the help of some experienced players or other common people but learns with time and learns himself. Self-assessment is always the best way to recognize yourself and improve yourself, we should understand our own qualities and motivate ourselves.

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    Any job is not so difficult unless the job is understood fully and we can understand the basics needed for the particular job. Starting is itself difficult if one is in the midst of confusion. Hence one must have the ability to evaluate one's potentials and no one can guide you to that level when you would restore your confidence. You need not go elsewhere for guidance but you need the exercise of self retrospection to analyse each every point needed for achieving success. It needs your constant practice to develop your self so as to restore your self confidence.

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    The attitude of " i can " must develop within as the strong base.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There will be different types of people in this society. Some may not know their actual potential and some may have a very high opinion about themselves. Some will be very accurate in assessing their own capabilities.
    In Ramayana, it was told that Hanuman used to underestimate his own strength and used to think he can't do it. But when others tell him what he can do, he used to realise and do the task successfully.
    In Mahabharata. Duryodhana was overconfident and he thought that he can win over Bhima. But ultimately he died in the hands of Bhima.
    Generally, if we are overconfident, the chances of losing are high. If we are less confident also chances of losing are also more. A person who is correct in their assessment will assess correctly and try to get stronger in their weak areas will fare better in life and will be always successful. So assess yourself correctly and progress.

    always confident

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