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    When every moment is the fresh beginning, that means something is in store

    The elders used to say that the very best in everyone's life is yet to come and please wait for that time and that implies when every moment is the fresh beginning, that means something is in store. Because the life is on, and changes are going to occur, some for the positive way and some may go negative too. And remember with one bad happening the World is not shut for us, as one big leap is enough to surpass all the failures that were gone through. Yes the past was hard, and the present was not so good, that means the future is going to be very bright for sure. So be the strong example for others to be patience.
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    It all depends on our mindset and the thinking pattern. Some people always be optimistic and expect always good things only to happen. But some people will be pessimistic and expect bad things only to happen. But whatever is due for us that will definitely come to us. When we think that coming days will be good we will have the motivation and we will try to perform in the best way possible. That is why our elders used to encourage us by saying that the comings days are good. We all should believe in this and we should try our best. If we lose our hearts we can't try our best and we will lose interest and chances of winning or performing will be lost. So it is necessary to avoid negative thoughts. Never get discouraged with negative thoughts and keep performing. Success will be yours. Personally in my life whenever I have a positive mind I did well and obtain very good results.
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    An inspirational thread has been brought by the author which is commendable. Life is never the same situation, today the time can be very good, tomorrow it can be normal or bad, when we keep ourselves ready for every situation, then we see that life is somewhat easier. If you ask anyone, he will not say that his life has been struggling less, some may be an exception. When we read the history of successful people, sometimes the problems of their life seem bigger than our own, yet we are seeing that today they are successful. We should also enjoy every aspect of life by giving our hundred percent so that at the end of life there is no regret, the rest of the good and bad moments will keep on coming and surely will not stay a long time if you do not entertain them, that means do not give more focus on bad moments and enjoy whatever goof you have.

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    The author has raised an interesting thread and I would say that enough is not enough. In our lives when we work then the end of the task is not the end of everything because there would be a number of jobs and tasks coming up in a cascaded fashion and we have to take up them one by one making place for others to appear. So every moment will be end of some activity and start of some new activity and when a new activity starts it is obvious that it has to be seen with a fresh perspective. The essence of this discussion is that life should be vibrant with activities at every moment and that is the only way to achieve the desired results. The expected gains and benefits would be accruing continuously when we would be working hard and working with a fresh mind whenever we take up a new assignment or project.
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