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    Constant job hunting- is it a weakness or change for good

    It has become a habit with the youth that when they complete above two or three years of service in an organization, his friends would pursue him to leave the job and go for a new one. When one of the people stated that he was working in a company for the past 7 years people laughed at him and cited his weakness to look for new job openings. When someone kept on changing the job every two years, he was credited with a good habit of a new job for a change. And even freshers who get trained, would not hesitate to shift for a new job. Constant job hunting- is it a weakness or change for good
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    People who are working in a private organisation will get good salary hikes when they shift from one job to the other job. If they continue in the same job, they may get increments and promotions but salary hikes may not be very high. That is why young people will always try to shift jobs. That is good also for the individual. You can earn when you are young only. The moment you retired, no company will give you a salary or pension. So one should earn when they are having the potential. They should have some savings by the time they retire. So changing the job every 3 years to 5 years will be good for the individual. At the same time after attaining 50 years and getting into a good position, one should think of moving.
    Anyhow, for government employees, this problem will not arise. They will have a job guarantee. But in a private job, the management may ask the individual to leave at any moment. So it is always better to be performing well in the job and trying for a new job is good. But if the company is taking care of the individual there is no necessity of having a change.

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    Changing jobs frequently in the private sector is true to some extent, but what matters is the motive of the employee behind doing so. Going from one company to another in no time than seeing a new company means switching jobs, again and again, is not appropriate. When a person changes job due to increment or experience or a particular field then it is right to do so but if there is a reason like working environment or excess of work then it is not sensible. A job is not just a medium of earing but also a place where you have to spend a large time of your day and learn new things so switching jobs should be a thoughtful decision which should not take in hasty.

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    When a person in private company tries to search a better job with better remunerations then it is not a weakness. It is for the betterment only. There are many people who are doing that and changing their organisations. Another factor is that there is a saying that before the management of a private company removes you from the job, you should search a place and leave the present company and go there before the present company can give you a notice to leave. This is a fact of the matter. In Govt/PSU service there is no problem like that and people generally retire from the same department where they joined. It is a smooth journey there.
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    When the company comes to the rescue of giving job, the gratitude must be kept.
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