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    Job Wizard award Complaint

    Dear Editors
    I have contributed many contents in job section and was in 5th place as job superstar for October month. I have earned 141 points for the month of October. Being a new member, I hope I have done my level best. I was shocked to see nobody was eligible for job wizard award for Oct month. This made me to contribute less and lose motivation in posting the content. Can you reconsider this award and render justice?
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    Dr Sakthi,

    The rank number and points are not really the sole or major parameters by which nominations are made by the team and winners selected. In addition to quality, it would be good to see consistency as well and note that there are other aspects that we discuss too of a member's contributions that we cannot disclose.

    Please do not be de-motivated and continue with your contributions. It is also a good idea to contribute in other sections as well and not merely in a single section. It will help you to earn better, be eligible for payment, and, perhaps, for this and other prestigious awards as well.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Dr Sakthi, please do not get demotivated by this small thing and continue your good work in the sections of your interest. Though you have made this query specifically to the editors but being an experienced and old member here I am taking this opportunity to supplement what Vandana has already mentioned.
    There are many members who are doing exceptionally good work in a particular section continuously for quite a long time but they don't get award for that every month. On an average a good work for 4 to 5 months may fetch you one award in that category. That is one reason why we should try to contribute in more than one section to increase the frequency of the awards obtained by us, of course for that quality of content should also be good. The number of awards to be given are as per the earnings of the site and may increase or decrease as per the business activity of a particular site. You have got a very good creative aptitude and with time you will be able to earn here through regular cash credits and occasional awards. ISC is very fair and transparent in giving cash credits and awards and there is no distinction from member to member.

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    There are many parameters ISC may be considered for deciding on the selection of members for awards every month. These details are not known to the members. Simply appearing our name on the top of the section as a super contributor may not fetch the award for the member.
    But it is common that many members think that they deserve the award. Nothing wrong with that. But we can't complain about the same. Consistent hard work on the site will definitely fetch good rewards. Never get disappointed and continue your efforts so that you will also be encouraged. I wish you all the best.

    always confident

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