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    Acceptance, First step towards recovery, re-energizing and recharging for battles of life

    Be it mistakes, be it life, be it attitude towards anything until one does not accept the realities around one can not grow.
    Everyone has to understand the gravity and reality of the circumstances in which they are and outgrow any kind of difficulty and for that to happen one has to start accepting, now the question is
    accepting what?
    1) One's mistakes- Everyone can not be right every time and everywhere, and unless one does not acknowledge and accept one's mistakes. How can we expect that person to change and be a better version of themself in life from what he/she once was?

    2) Acceptance of social conditioning-
    We all are somehow conditioned to think and live in a certain way but we have to accept that change is the only constant thing in the world and we all change with time. As soon as we accept the reality around us that our whole belief system is the result of continuous learning from society and our environment and it can be changed with learning. With more learning and experience we outgrow our environment and past life. No matter how bad anything is we can change it into good but the first thing is acceptance of everything that is wrong and then working on the things. With our growth, we recognise our flaws, the flaws of others and the part that everyone is human and has a right to err.

    3) Acceptance of Imperfection-
    Only if we can accept that not everyone can be perfect neither us nor the people around us we will find good things in imperfection. Since perfection can be faked but imperfection has originality, creativity, innovation and scope to grow. We should strive towards perfectness but never be disheartened with imperfections.

    4) Acceptance of challenges for leadership-
    One can be a leader when he or she is ready to accept that he/she can do so and has the guts to accept any challenge thrown in front of him/her and help others as well to fight those challenges.

    Any kind of problem, tension, a trauma in life can be handled through acceptance of its causes and then working upon resolving everything that went wrong. So acceptance is the first step that you have to take towards any kind of recovery and to get re-energize and re-charge for any big tasks that life throws at you.

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    One should have the courage to accept the mistakes committed by him. Then he can defend himself why he did it? Once you accept your mistakes only you can correct yourselves and improve your knowledge and come nearer to perfection even though it is not possible to be perfect always.
    Some people know that they did a mistake but they don't want to accept that in presence of all and hence they pretend as if what they did is right. But if they know and if they don't commit the same mistake again it is somewhat better. But some people never know and accept their mistakes. Such people can't come up in their lives.
    There is nothing wrong with doing a mistake and it is common with many people. But a person who will understand his mistakes and correct himself can expect a better future. So it is very correct to say knowing your own mistakes is the starting of your success.

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    Can editors please delete the above forum comment by me?
    I placed it here by mistake.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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