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    About sharing question papers?

    I have never shared a question paper on ISC, but as I have decided to explore more areas on ISC. I decided to submit a few question papers, but I have a few queries regarding them.
    If my question paper has tick marks and some of them are wrong too, will they be accepted?
    DO I have to simply make a pdf of the question paper and submit them here or what?
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    You can post old question papers in the Exams section. On the top blue bar, you can click on Eams then a list will drop down and in that, you will find question papers. You can click on that so that you can get into that section. Then you will get the details in that section.
    Anyhow for your ready reference, I am giving you the following links which may be useful to you.
    1.Previous Years University Question Papers

    2.New Posting Guidelines

    I think this information will be helpful to you.

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    I tried to submit a question paper of the UPHESC assistant professor for modern
    history but an error occurred. And also there is no category for other boards on the JOB board.
    And please tell me what should i write in the type question paper section if I am trying to submit a scanned copy.

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    If someone can, please explain what do I write for the header portion of the question paper If I am submitting a scanned copy as pdf.
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    While filling the header you have to give the title, summary, and other details. Title is an important thing because it should contain all the information about the question paper - to which year it belongs, to which class or year it belongs, to which college it belongs, to which board or university it belongs etc. You can see some sample question papers which are approved and published to get a feel of that. Regarding summary it should simply invite the person interested in seeing it and generally should start like - Are you interested to go through the question paper related to such and such course of such and such institution etc.
    Generally it is preferred that we type the whole paper in the prescribed place but one can attach the PDF file also. The difference is that if you type it you might get more points as compared to simply attaching it.

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    Neelam, please do not repeat your query. We are looking into it.
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    Ok, Saji I will not repeat it but should I try to re-submit it again or not?
    As I have already made a pdf of the exam I recently took on 13 Nov 2021 for UPHESC assistant professor modern History, and it is not present on the ISC question paper so I thought repetition is not the problem so what is it?

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