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    It is good to be motivated but with eyes wide open.

    When there is a difficult time in life or we are going through a phase of the struggle, then it is very important to keep ourselves motivated because it acts as an important factor but many times human beings are not able to motivate themselves, and then others do it. At the time of motivation, every effort is made to keep the person positive and perhaps it is necessary, but in some cases, I have seen that people do anything in vain to motivate others. When there is a problem in front, then being motivated or doing it by saying that there is no problem at all, will not be right. Motivation should be such that there is a problem but we can find a solution for it and for this we have to take steps calmly and wisely. Being Motivated does not mean to close the eyes, but to open the eyes and observe carefully what would be the best in this situation.
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    Motivation is the great trait either if it initiated by personal experience by self and through the advise of others. Motivation comes to force when there is lack of thinking or we are down with some challenges without solution or plan b in hand and in that case a good motivation would pep us to be on the groove. Suppose the boss gives the task of getting some information from the market regarding the competitor activities, here the task is challenging because the competitor should not know that we are probing for information and the way we tackle the situation and get the information is the case of motivation for the company to take action. If we do not get any information, that is waste, and if we gets some leads it is the plus point for us and motivation for the company to improve upon the marketing strategy.
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    Motivation is not for getting overconfident. It is to see that one will perform the task at the best possible level. Sometimes when we have some problems in our mind, we can't think properly and we may not be able to think properly and we may feel that we have no sufficient energies to complete the task. In such times only, this motivation will make us get energised.
    In some emergencies and difficult situations, we may not get any clue to proceed with the work on hand. In such condition, some motivation will bring sense into our mind and we will recognise our actual strengths and makes work positively.
    As mentioned by the author, one should always know his/her limitations and then plan the work. We should not blindly attempt by getting overwhelmed with the motivation that we are getting from the other person. As an individual, we know our own strengths and weaknesses. So our own self-assessment will be more important than the motivation we get from others.

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