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    Indian Parliament- "Temple of democracy", is that so ?

    It is often said that our great Indian Parliament is called the "Temple of democracy" because the elected members from both houses would deliberate and discuss issues of public concern and bring in-laws and rules to achieve success. But it has become a nasty place these days as there is more commotion, Walkouts, fistfights, tearing of papers, rushing to the well, not respecting the chair, and all these are happening in the live telecast to which the voters have become vexed and henceforth may not think that Parliament is the temple of democracy or otherwise? Please register your views also here.
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    Actually, Parliament should be a place to be respected as it is the place where the public interest is taken into consideration and decide rules and regulations so that a common man will have a happy life in the country. In the earlier days, the leaders used to behave in a mature way and with a lot of interest in the country and its people. But slowly bad elements started entering into this parliament and many of the MPs are having pending cases against them in the courts. For them, their personal goals are more important than the public interest. That is the root cause for all these unruly behaviours. The quality of the leaders are coming down and they don't have any ethics or morals. If some leaders are really trying to do good also, other leaders will never allow them to function normally. The Indian voters should reject all such persons and should not vote for them irrespective of their party affiliations. Then only we may see some improvement in this situation.
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    The Constitution of India and its governing Parliament are the most important and clean in the country with unbiased dealings. Which the Honorable Members of Parliament know but every Member comes from an area and is representative of the people living there. He has an important responsibility beyond that. If the government decides not to listen to him when he goes to the parliament and tries to fulfill their expectation. That's when such an environment can be seen. So it is not right to make a clear decision in this regard. However, the government side should pay special attention to this issue while the opposition should also cooperate. Not everyone is equal, so opinions may not be the same but that can be settled in a rich way.
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    The corruption among the political leaders has risen to such a level that at times I think one competes with the other to be more corrupt. Many MPs do not know why they are elected to the parliament and think since they are MPs/Ministers they have every right to do whatever they feel like. Members of both houses think they are supreme and remain busy fulfilling their personal agenda whereas, representing their constituency becomes secondary to many of them. We also know their nature and media highlights some issues more for publicity. I don't think democracy is safe in the hands of these corrupt and opportunist politicians.

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    We have had enough faith on our leaders in the past because of their concerns for the public. They were of the opinion that not a single day should be wasted without discussing the relevant issues and they were eager to pass bills for the interest of the common people. However, these were the norms for the past but with the time, there has been tremendous change in the style of functioning of the parliament.
    Both the opposition and ruling MP 's are behaving in the similar fashion without redressing the issues with which common men are facing. Sometimes sessions are closed in between due to turbulence of the politicians. This results in huge loss of money accrued from the tax payers.
    They should be at least responsible to get the bill passed or the parliamentary session should proceed smoothly. Here the cooperation of both ruling and opposition members are essential.

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    Parliament is definitely a place where things should happen with great ease and order. But in a democracy the opposition parties have full freedom to raise their concerns. If they do not do it then the ruling regime will slowly turn in a dictatorial mode. Every time the ruling party will not be correct in its judgement and that is the time when the opposition has to strike with full force and pressurise the Govt for corrective actions. This system may look like a difficult situation as there will be walk outs and things like that but they are the part and parcel of the parliamentary processes. If we recall earlier also these things happened and it will be a wrong thing if we tell that these things are only happening today. If we go through the parliamentary history such pandemoniums and other hue and cry situations were always there. It is not only happening in the democratic system of our country but is evident in other democracies also. I do not think that we can have a class room type pin drop silence in the parliament. It would be too much to expect if we think like that.
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