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    Should authors write what they know or explore beyond ?

    For the regular writers, they must be pondering over new subjects and new way of presenting the matter in detail to the understanding level of their followers and readers. But often some writers go confused in their writing pattern and they drift from the fixed notion and try to explore new ways to satisfy the fans. Should the authors impose what they know or explore beyond ? This is the pertinent question emerges in the author mind if the earlier contributions are not having the proper response. But one thing is sure that one should not live a stereo type life and must have the urge to explore something new. Any comment?
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    Authors should explore. The knowledge an author is having may not be up to date. So it is the responsibility of the author to know what are the developments that are taking place in the area in which he is attempting to write. As a matter of fact, without exploring the subject thoroughly, one should never attempt to write on a subject. Another issue an author must always keep in mind is that the reader should be able to understand the content properly.
    The customer for a writer is a reader. So the reader should feel happy with what the author is trying to tell through his presentations. That is why many authors before publishing their works, will refer their work to some prominent figures in that line and take their opinion and publish the same with the content. That will enable the reader to just get some idea about the work he is going to read.

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    Success may not come with single writing and authors learns as the time pass.
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    Writing may be a passion for some people but it is also a profession for many of the writers. It is obvious that writers must explore new frontiers of writing and new ideas so that they can attract more and more readers to their work. A hard working writer will always try to improve his writings and try to reach a level where he gets good reputation and recognition. If a writer does not explore new ideas and does not try new writing patterns then he will soon become stagnant and dull in his activities.
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    Learning is a continuous process and as long as one is having the urge to learn new things she/he can learn. Authors do read regularly and get ideas from many sources. Even if you are writing a story the topic cannot be the same and you have to add varieties and try something new to make it interesting for the readers. Every writer has a specific pattern of writing and that also attracts the readers along with the topic. If the author is not getting enough response then the author has to analyze what is wrong and may get in touch with a couple of readers to know what exactly is lacking in the writings. How the author is expressing the idea is very important. Trying something new and following a different style of writing at times is also a way of progress. Authors must have regular updates on the topics they are proficient in and accordingly they need to express their views. One will know only after exploring new things. Even if the author sticks to a specific subject/topic the knowledge has to be updated.

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    Writing is an art and it calls for consistent practice. Though we might come across some writers having their inbuilt talents to craft the events to suit their readers. Their presentation style is unique and at least the rhythm of the entire story is quite appealing. They are the born writers and are capable of providing new twist in the story so that the readers would not like to leave the content left for a single moment until the same is finished. However for others, they would need some more skills to tune their writings. This will develop their artistic abilities with time. However, it requires patience to master the perfection in the art of writing.

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