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    In some cases, no one can be blamed.

    Often people have a very special habit of blaming, it is not that we should blame ourselves or always give it to others. The cycle of blaming goes on but will we not be happier by removing the word blame from our lives?

    Sometimes the blame doesn't make sense, what I mean here is that if we accept some bad events thinking that it had to happen and maybe that's why it happened, wouldn't it give us a more peaceful life.

    There are many ways to make life peaceful, if a person wants, he/she can be happy by doing more work in this direction. Because whether a person is successful or unsuccessful, poor or rich but peace is the ultimate goal of every person in life.
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    Why should we blame others? Why should others blame us? As long as we are not getting affected with the behaviour or work of others and as long as they are with in the legal frame work why should we blame the other person. But some people will have the nature of blaming others and this they will use as a weapon to defend themselves for the mistakes that happened.
    In any case we should not blame anybody. For every action by an individual will have his own reasons and explanation for his actions. If really we find some mistake with others we can separately tell them about our observations and leave it there. Then it is the individual who has to think and act as per his decision.
    But these days blame game is always the defence for all to save themselves from the situation. Ruling party will blame the opposition and the opposition will blame the ruling party.

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    Actually the biggest weakness of the human being is blame it on others if something aimed at not able to be followed nor having the desired result. For example the two wheeler are of same riding pleasure be it any brand as the operation are the same and we have the fixed mind that particular brand is great and that should only be purchased and not other brand. Suppose unfortunately another brand has been purchased and it started giving trouble on the road, we blame it on ourselves not taking the right decision of having purchased the past thought one. Now the scooter was ok but the rider does not know the mechanism and thus blame it on the manufacturer or deficiency of something in it. So it is the mind game of the person to decide whether to accept or blame it on self or others so that he can escape the wrong decision.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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