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    Investment in knowledge should be the best choice?

    Man is the best creature of creation. One of the reasons for human excellence is the acquisition of proper knowledge. People can shape their lives by acquiring knowledge. A complete life enlightened by the light of knowledge can be built. There is no substitute for acquiring knowledge and applying it to gain superiority, dignity, and success in this world. It is not possible for anyone to acquire knowledge. Just as crops cannot be produced from the land without rain, so without real knowledge the real goal of life cannot be achieved. Just as rain is often beneficial and also harmful, incompetent knowledge also harms society. In acquiring knowledge
    as one finds the path of light, he becomes the best personality of religion for the nation. So I think investment in knowledge is the best choice. What is your thinking?
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    It is very important to acquire knowledge in our lives. The time we have invested and the money we have invested in this pursuit is never a waste. There are many ways to acquire this knowledge. We can acquire knowledge by doing the task and also by observing others. It is not necessary that we have to read a book or sit in a class to acquire knowledge. By observing other persons we can learn new things.
    The difference between an animal and a human being is this learning process only. A human being is having wisdom and he had the brain to utilise. So they can learn many things from what we see, what we do and we observe. Let us be wise enough to utilise our resources for acquiring more skills and more knowledge. I agree with the author that investing in knowledge is the best way of investment.

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    Very well said by the author and I do agree that those parents who toiled hard to invest their hard earnings on the education to their children always came with good success and made great achievement. One of the family near my house is doing the road side vending of morning breakfast as both husband and wife wake up at four and do all the preparations for the busy customers who would queue for the tasty snacks that are available from 5 am onward and the greatness of their catering is the quality, taste and they toiled for more than 20 years now and successfully made their two children to do the Btech in computers and engineering and one boy has got the good job and other waiting for the same. All the four would help each other in the morning and then goes to their work respectively and I really appreciate the parents.
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    Acquiring knowledge is a continuous process. Right from our student life till our old age we go on acquiring new learnings and new information which is converted into knowledge pieces in our mind. These are our valued posesson and we use them for taking correct decisions in our lives. Knowledge is power and knowledge makes us prudent. Every effort done by us in acquiring knowledge is worth considering and we must do it without any doubt.
    Knowledge is power.

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