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    Four stroke scooter need be started by pressing the front brake and on switch

    Those who are riding the four stroke scooter of any model might be facing the problem of start when the vehicle was put on off mode since many hours. Some times the vehicle will not start due to chillness or cold climate, or even then vehicle exposed to rainy season. Then while starting the vehicle next day, it may not start at once and give anxious feeling to us. Even the kick start may not work as we never used the same. In that case the best option would be to start the vehicle by pressing the front brake and press the switch simultaneously. Surely the vehicle would start. If still face the problem, release the choke and try again. This time the vehicle would certainly start but while doing so never raise the clutch.
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    This is an interesting and practical hack shared by the author. In some of the four stoke scooters there are some interlocks in the brake system. We are somehow managing that by pressing the brake. In such cases this trick may work but I do not think that this would work with all sorts of scooters. It is not understood how addressing to the interlock system it is helping the electrical circuits to give push to the starting mechanism. Anyway if other members experienced with scooter driving could share their experiences regarding this phenomenon then probably we might understand this technique in a better way.
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