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    Do we forget those who are never in time ?

    Time is the essence of life and those who do not care for the time are not only hindering their own progress and also creating problems for others. The other day when I went for a marriage, the Muhurat time was nearing and the bride was being made beautiful through a professional beautician who was taking much time and there was lots of commotion in the marriage hall. Finally the make as to be half done and the marriage resumed after so much scolding and face off. It is necessary for us to follow the timings and Do we forget those who are never in time ?
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    Especially in rural Telangana, many people will not give much importance to Muhurtam time. Sometimes when we go to the marriage exactly as per the timing we will not see anybody there and the initial startup work will be going on there.
    Sometimes some people will get delayed due to unforeseen reasons to attend on time. But some people will get habituated to delays and they never attend the meeting or function at the designated time. We will remember such people and we will always tell them advance timings so that even though they delay attending they will be on time.
    Even in schools and offices are some people who are habituated to get delayed will be marked as latecomers. In some organisations, if a person is late for coming to duty three times in a month, one leave will be deducted from this eligible leaves. Generally, everybody will remember a latecomer always.

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    I don't think if there is any fault of bride for wearing make up. It takes a lot of time especially for marriage functions. Participants should also consider this situation. If they have no Time to stay there they may leave marriage function. Any compliant from the se participants is weightless. The author should be practical. If we have to attend Any marriage function we can be late to reach on time because such functions always take more time to start.
    I never go to attend any political gathering where any prominent political leader comes to address people . If you have ever attended such gathering you might have noticed that chief guest always comes late. He never knows value of your time.

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    The author brings a good thread as we find this situation in many such functions. The functions of marriage are done only in a particular Muhurta and time restrictions are also kept, but at the same time, marriage is a big function which comes once in the life of both a boy or a girl, hence its importance becomes more. Many times this type of delay happens during various events but I agree with the author we should be more punctual towards time and when we know that such processes take time then we should prepare for it in advance. We find many times people who are careless about time lose a lot in life and later there is nothing left but to repent. Therefore, as much as possible, we should understand the value of this valuable time and make every effort to make ourselves Punctual, so much discipline we should adopt in life.

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    Time is the most important entity in our lives. The most interesting and fearful thing about the time is that it only moves in one direction and it doesn't come back. Once a speck of time has gone it has gone forever. It is obvious that we must honour and respect this great entity called time in our lives. Punctuality is the most important parameter and those who do not adhere to it would suffer in their lives. I have observed many times that just by the the delay made by one person thousands of people waste their valuable time. That is definitely an unhealthy situation.
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    Yes, I too agree with the #747322 I don't think the bride was at any fault here as a makeup artist usually takes too much time and often after taking a huge amount of money do not reach at the time. Often these makeup artists are too busy and cause such delay and thus making the family irritated. But people should understand that in such functions these delays are common. It is a special day for the girl as well to have a memory and scolding her on her wedding day is not something she would want remember.
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    I want to add here that though we talk about the importance of time so much but many times we commit grave mistakes in not honouring the time. I recall one incident, about 48 years back, when I was in my post graduation and was living in a rented room alone and one day after returning from an educational tour in the late evening while rushing to my room one of our relatives who met me just at the end of the market asked me to come to their place on the next day morning for a breakfast cum lunch as some early morning Puja was organised there. I was so tired and by the time I went to sleep it was already about 2 in the night and next day when I got up I saw the light outside and guessed (that was the time when mobiles were not there and we referred the watches also only when we were in doubt) that it might be around 7-8 AM and I immediately had my wash and got ready and rushed to their place which was about 15 minutes walk from my room and when I reached there I found that there was no activity and it had a deserted look. Anyway I entered the house and they asked me why I did not come there in the morning and then I suddenly realised that it was evening time!
    Sometimes many of us just forget about the time and its importance and it does not matter as whatever the reasons we might attribute to that to justify our actions.

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    For many of us visiting in time for any function is not that much important though we do have a glance over the timing in the printed card. We remain under the impression that by being in time we may not witness enough gathering and our timing is always revised according to our choice. During a marriage ceremony, we have seen that brides are being dressed and make up follows a little earlier so that the bride does not miss the muhurat. Now it is the turn of the visitors to attend the marriage function in time. Though there is low turnover in the initial hours but gathering becomes unmanageable with the progress of a couple of hours. A few visitors would drop in only during the feast celebration. We should definitely take care of the timing so that we could witness the entire schedule of the marriage function..

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