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    When your thread appears on the top of Google search and others left behind

    When we write the contents for this site, we want to satisfy the understanding of the members and also get responses thereof. But we are also creating name and fame for this site as some of the best posts from our side would be hoisted on the top of search by the Google leaving behind the similar competition entries and that gives the great feeling. I have been closely observing that a competitor entry has been on the top since many days and with our one post, that is pushed to the second place and felt happy that we have the knack to push every entry like that and make our site much popular on the internet in terms of any search. Have you ever observed this happening ?
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    Many times while searching an educational information I find ISC in the top searches found within the first 4 to 5 entries there in the Google search first page. It gives us all an immense feeling of satisfaction and happiness when we observe such a thing there. ISC management and editorial team must be taking many considerations related to SEO and other techniques to reach that level but from the side of the members, I strongly feel that we should also try to contribute our best and keep in mind the Google or other search engine workings and their formats and present our materials in such a way that we appear at those top lines often. Our titles to the forum posts, ask experts questions, articles etc are to be chosen with great care to attract the traffic in the internet. The content is also equally important because if it is of good quality then only more and more people will visit here again and again.
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    Many times I see threads or AE questions on the first page of google search results. It really gives happiness to see the submissions of our fellow members coming on the first page of the search. I exactly don't know what is the criteria for the search engine. Probably the words that are given for search and the heading of the item on ISC are matching exactly and that may be the reason for this. Anyhow it will be happy if ISC is becoming more strong and famous.
    If the thread submitted by us appears on the top page of the search results that will give much more happiness and feel like we are on the top. The administration and the think tank of ISC should be complimented for the good work they are doing and their efforts are giving good results.

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