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    We must avoid destructive criticism

    Criticism is basically of two types one is constructive and positive criticism while other is destructive and negative criticism. There are many people in this world who are habitual of doing destructive criticism. They will not observe the good and bad points of a particular outcome of an action and simply will start condemning it or telling that it was a wrong decision. Their main aim is only to prove that something was wrongly done. When they are being asked about the validity of their such biased judgements they will start talking irrational and illogical and will try to convince that they were right. Eventually, people will start avoiding such persons because once it is known that they have a biased mind there is no point in taking their advice or suggestion in any matter. These biased people finally suffer because they are isolated in this process.
    I strongly believe that we should not judge a thing with the biased mind. We should criticize anything for its betterment and not for the sake of condemning it. We must avoid destructive criticism at any cost. What do you think about this?
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    It is impossible for a human being to be free from prejudices because we are the product of our upbringing and environment and are acquiring some biases in the process. But one should try to stay as much unbiased as one can be and try to learn from everyone by listening to their opinions. Try to listen to others not just hear and react that is the key to a healthy conversation. Criticism yes it is constructive and destructive and anything that disturbs our mental peace and happiness should not be given much importance in life after all we are here living our lives for our own sake not to please the world.
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    Yes destructive criticism is very dangerous and offending and that cannot be forgotten. Even rave remarks also amounts to destructive criticism. The other day I had been to my relatives house warming ceremony and it was the gathering of relatives and friends. One small male kid and another small female kid were playing at their best and entertaining everyone. Suddenly someone passed the remark that the boy is making overtures now itself to book the girl for future and for this the girl father got offended and he left the function without even having the lunch. The whole function which was either too had a gala time was suddenly brought to a serious mode and after this walkout there was pin drop silence and the function was finished with a huff. So passing remarks on others is also very dangerous and must be avoided.
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    Highlighting the deficiencies and suggesting ways to come out is always a good way. Instead of that rejecting the action as useless without assigning any valid reason is not a good trait. One should point out the mistakes of the other person privately and politely. When you want to encourage him you should compliment him for his good work in public. A person doing that is your well-wisher always. But some people never say the positives in your work but highlight all the mistakes and try to disappoint you. If the person is biased he will definitely try to encourage the person he likes and try to criticise negatively the other person. This is very common these days and many people are biased only. They never see the issue as an issue but they see the person who committed the same. Negative criticism will kill the quest one is having whereas constructive criticism will encourage the performer to improve his performance by identifying his faults.
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    Criticism is both common and sometimes necessary. When I was in school, there used to be an aunt near my house, her specialty was that she never praised anything in one go and whenever she did something new in front of her, she definitely gave some criticism in it. Initially, I used to feel bad but gradually this habit of his proved beneficial for me in many ways. People of different natures live in the world and everyone has the right to speak their words, it is not that criticism should be considered only positive, but if a person wants, he can bring his criticisms in his life in such a way that it is beneficial for him. So it's completely up to us, how we react when someone criticizes us. Whether we are taking it in a negative way and demotivated or we motivate ourselves by understanding others' views and being better.

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