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    Everyone is a worshiper of beauty

    We all want to be beautiful and look for beauty. Because beauty fascinates everyone. Absolute beauty is going on all over the world. It is not difficult to find an animal that is not only human but also lacks a sense of beauty. A small tiny bird makes remarkable nests with its skill to attract. So the idea of beauty or the consciousness of beauty is an innate concept.
    Where there is beauty, there is love. So there is a causal relationship between beauty and love.
    Lack of beauty is called ugliness. So beauty is actually an emotional feeling, which can not be defined, which is awakened in the presence of 'beauty itself.
    Things that look good on the eyes can or can not be beautiful always as ugliness also lies in beauty.
    How do you define these?
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    Outer Beauty is completely a social construct and countries like India are obsessed with the colour of skin. Beauty is more about the colour of skin rather than any real good value. For the first impression this beauty "a construct" attracts a person but later with time everyone searches for the inner beauty which is the beauty of heart and soul.
    When it comes to nature everything is beautiful it is just our perspective and the way we have grown up to believe in the concept of beauty which makes us see things in terms of beauty and ugly.
    But if one looks at the things present in nature without any biases within himself/herself they will be able to see the beauty beyond what the eyes can see and hands can touch.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Truly said by the author, beauty is the way of expression from the other person and that can either through a mild smile, hair style exclusiveness, body language, personality cult, behavior , table manners and above all the dressing sense. If the children does the nuances, it is also regarded as beauty and the elders at the home cherish every moment of the same. The transition of life itself from the kid to the youth, adult and then to the elder stage is always accompanied by beauty statements now and then. But beauty of ours can only be made known by others because they would be watching us from close up and they compare the beauty with one and all and pass the remarks as to where we stand. However what I feel that women must be beautiful not with jewels or best dressing, but even with normal looking next door look.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    It is said that - A thing of beauty is joy for ever. This is an old saying and it simply shows how important the beauty is. But there are certain things that we have to understand about beauty so that we are not misled in appreciating it blindly. It is natural that we are attracted to the physical beauty which is created by a combination of symmetry and colour. At that time we do not consider the underlying personality. Real beauty is when after knowing the person in details, we find that it is still beautiful. There is a story of a king who was visiting his villages in disguise to see the conditions of the villagers and there in one of the places he saw a young exquisitely beautiful girl fetching water from the pond and when she smiled to see him, as many villagers do with a stranger, the king was bitten by that smile and could not forget her. At that time it was very common for the kings to have so many wives and finally the king sent message to the girl's father that he wanted to marry that beautiful girl. The father was very happy but came to meet the king and told him that she was very good in work and of course so much beautiful but she was deaf and dumb since birth. King was shocked to listen that and understood the meaning of apparent physical beauty. The story does not finish here because to keep his honour and words king married with that girl in spite of all the deficiencies in her.
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    Always we feel happy and pleasant when we see a beautiful item. When we get up in the morning, come out and observe a plant with beautiful flowers we will get delighted and we feel very happy. When we happen to see a beautiful girl or a handsome boy we feel like seeing them again and we will feel happy and forget our problems. A small beautiful bird found on a tree will make us very excited and we will continue observing the same.
    Whenever my little granddaughter is unhappy I will take her to the back of our house and show her different coloured roses on the plants. She will become very happy.
    We should all look for beauty in the thoughts, actions and behaviour of others more than physical beauty. Inner beauty is more required than physical beauty. A good dress may make us appear beautiful outside but our good actions only will show our inner beauty.

    always confident

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    A very nice thread is posted by the author, I too agree that beauty is nothing but an emotional attachment with a person or anything. When we like someone by his/her behavior or nature it became most beautiful for us and when we do not like someone whether it may beautiful or not but in our own choice it's not beauty. So beauty s not just a physical appearance but many factors that affected and make a beautiful person or thing. For me, beauty is a combination of the behavior and deeds of a human being or anyone.

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