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    What kind of dress be worn for engagement, Bharaat and ultimate marriage ?

    Across India the celebration of marriage coincides with three great days in prospective bride and groom life , the first being the engagement day, the second being the welcoming the Bharaat or the penultimate day of marriage and the third being the marriage day. While the engagement may be within the four walls of the family members from both sides to chalk out and agree to the conditions of marriage and other details, the dress can be simple. While the reception would be attended by the co-employees and close friends from both sides, the style statement should be high with wonderful attire. And the marriage has to be done with traditional dress from which there is no escape. What kind of dress be worn for engagement, reception and ultimate marriage ?
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    That all depends on the area you live in, your religion and your traditions. Generally, in our family for all the occasions, we will use traditional dresses only for the groom and the bride. All the dresses for the groom will be purchased by the bride's family and for the bride, the groom's family will purchase the dresses. In our family engagement is a very small function and the bride and the bride groom need not be there on that day for the function. The parents of the bride and the bridegroom will exchange dresses as the mark of confirmation of the marriage. Then oneday before the marriage there will be receiving function and then the marriage day. For my marriage as well as my both son's marriage we all used traditional dresses only Suit for my sons were given by the other side and they used them for the reception function after marriage. But these days we see different people wearing different types of dresses.
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    The marriage time is the time when a person can show off his best attires to the people who are attending the function and some people are so crazy about it that they even spend a good amount of money for these things and do not bother even if they have to take a loan for it. Today the whole fashion industry is surviving on the instincts of such people only who spend a lot on these occasions. What I believe is even a reasonably priced dress with good colours and taste can be easily bought on such occasions though in the market everything is available and there are instances where the celebrities had put diamonds here and there in their dresses. The point is that there is no harm in putting on a beautiful dress but it should not be an ugly depiction of one's richness. This makes a bad precedence in the society and other people start to copy these things. I have seen some young people who insist for night time marriage and the simple reason is that in the night one can show off in better ways under those artificial lights when everything starts glittering.
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