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    Brinjal rice curry mix- the taste beyond compare

    In South we prepare various mix of curries with the rice to form a ready to eat food for the urgency and that would taste good. For example, Pudina rice mix, mixed vegetable rice mix, jeera rice mix, tamarind rice mix and even Mango pickle rice mix. But above all the Brinjal rice curry mix would have the best taste beyond compare. The round size brinjal with added tomato deep fried in the cooking oil would form the rich gravy to be mixed with rice and serve as the bowl. And this can be eaten without any side dish and therefore many households feel this is the best way to keep the eating person happy. Any comment ?
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    In many states especially in the Southern India these types of rice curry preparations are very common and are used as a regular dish. The rice curry has so many variations as told by the author. Those who have liking for lemon taste, the lemon curry is an ideal food while for those who have a taste for coconut the coconut and other vegetable mixed curry is the ultimate in taste. Regarding Brinjal, it has a peculiar taste and there is a slight bitterness in it especially the smaller ones. But if we put sufficient amount of some ingredients like mango powder, chilli powder, green chillies, and other spices in good quantity then that bitterness is removed and the combination of the spices does the magic to the Brinjal rice curry. Those who are interested in trying it can refer some good websites for its authentic recipe and can prepare this dish.
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    Even in North side the Baigan ka burtha preparation would taste good.
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    In earlier days many people used to cook white rice separately and side dishes separately. This will definitely give flexibility to the eating people. They can mix the items that they want in a proportion they prefer. But the work in the kitchen will increase if they have to cook separately. At the same time while eating also it is very difficult to serve these different items to the lady and she has to manage with a lot of difficulties. To avoid all these difficulties, the modern times' homemakers devised these dishes, I feel. At the same time, the dishes made in this way are also liked by many people and hence they are receiving very good popularity.
    In our house also, we make these mixed items once in a while and they are very much liked by my sons and daughters in law. As far as I am concerned I like jeers rice mic made in our house.

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    This thread has increased my hunger and since I am fasting today, this hunger is more. Well, the method shared by the author is very interesting and definitely, you should try it. Brinjal vegetable is very much liked by many people, while it is also hated by some people. I have loved brinjal since childhood and the most important thing is that it can be prepared in different ways. I also agree that food is the most important way to make someone happy but at the same time, the feelings of the cook also matter.

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    And long brinjal bajji dipped in besan flour after a deep fry would be much tastier.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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