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    Drop out students need to be brought back into the mainstream

    As all the educational institutions of the country have been closed for a long time during the Corona pandemic, there has been noticed a reduction in the student attendance rate in the primary, secondary, and higher secondary level institutions in the marginal areas of the country. Family poverty is affecting such students in many cases. Many of them have started working in the situation at a tiny age.
    Various co-educational activities should be undertaken to bring back the drop-outs school-going students in remote areas. This will enable the students to be attracted to the pleasant atmosphere of the school. Besides, various entertainment programs can be arranged in the school premises to make the students go to class. It could be a cultural event, a sport, or a quiz competition for them.
    If necessary, awareness programs on the importance of primary education should be conducted by presenting the facilities provided by the government in the primary schools to the people in remote areas. Because there is no alternative to primary education to take the education sector of the country forward. That is why the government has made primary education compulsory considering its importance for the nation.
    Therefore, if the Ministry of Education and the concerned authorities can implement it with a timely decision, it is possible to bring the students back to the campus as before. What do you think?
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    The main problems faced in our Indian villages or the remote areas that father being the farmer wants everyone of the family to help hm during the course of farming and thus even the child who likes to go to the school, he or she being stopped and taken to the fields. This kind of scenes we have seen many times on the movies and television serials. The state and central government have big dreams to bring in total literacy in their respective places but this kind of adamant attitude from the village parents are preventing the child to have the education and drop our rates are more. In fact the main reason for bringing the mid day meal across the country was to encourage good nutrition to the school going child and be given the best education. Unless and until the elders are made aware of education, the villages would witness drop outs.
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    A good suggestion from the author. It is true some kids discontinued going to schools even after reopening the schools with a fear of the virus. At the same time, some kids discontinued due to the financial condition of the family. Many State governments in rural areas started some incentives to the students so that they will continue going to schools. Midday meals, free uniforms, free notebooks and textbooks etc., are being offered to students in governments schools. Even students who are going to private schools are also given fee reimbursement. But these financial rewards alone are not making the students go to the schools.
    The teachers should follow innovative ways and means to attract students to the schools. For that as suggested by the author, if the teachers can think of conducting competitions and encouraging students to participate in extra circular activities etc. may give better results I hope. Definitely. the governments should take this on top priority and see that all the rural kids will utilise the opportunities provided.

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    The whole world has seen a bad phase due to the pandemic and it has had a very negative effect on the students of our country or perhaps the world itself. Whatever they have lost in such a situation has been very valuable and for this, we must adopt such methods by which their lost loss can be filled. No doubt that organizations or governments are working on it and they doing their level best. During this time some schools and teachers provide knowledge as much as they can and give their level best.

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    Education is a very important thing in our lives and it is imperative that all the children should get it at least up to school level in a convenient way. For achieving this objective first thing that is most important is that school fee should be minimal. Another thing is that school education should be compulsory and child labour in any form should not be allowed and legal action should be taken against it if found anywhere in any industry or workplace or private shop. That is the only way to bring the children to the great taste of education. As regards the dropout students they should also get chance to appear maybe through distance education or some other process and should be given a fair chance to have that qualification if not in one attempt but multiple attempts. Govt has big challenges in this matter because there are many obstacles in this path of bringing uniformity. There are high fee private schools who want to survive at any cost. They will not agree for fee reduction. Govt cannot take all the schools under its umbrella due to the obvious reasons of inefficiency. So the thought is good but how to achieve it requires deep pondering.
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    In a school of North Chennai a teacher saw two of his class students found abnormal as they did not took breakfast. He approached the Headmaster for seeking permission to feed them breakfast from his house by telling the situation, Headmaster gave approval for this and he, the headmaster steps one more step. He asked the concerned teacher to check how many of such students without breakfast and by with the help of that teacher, the headmaster arranged breakfast for needy students.
    It is agreed that in many government schools the mid day meals offered by Government of Tamilnadu as introduced by K.Kamaraj, then CM of Tamilnadu which was restarted by M.G.Ramachandran, then Chief Minister and till date is getting continued.
    Similarly the concerned authorities should take a step to make a survey on the drop out students to analyse what was the reason and how to brought back them.

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