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    Acceptance as a matter of fact…

    We create an impression about someone depending upon the type of restraint that one shows in the most critical and difficult of circumstances with which one may come face-to-face. This actually proves many facets of a human personality which one may develop out of themselves and another one which is being perceived by others. Quite a large number will keep themselves in a deceiving sense blaming others when unable to deal with the problems appropriately ending-up with the outcomes which were unexpected and uncalled for, and this is where acceptance as a matter of fact matters most.

    From the above, we got two choices. Either to accept things as it is and come up with relevant changes as needed for improvisation and improvement or to live in a deceitful dilemma for the rest of your life leaving it to the time to decide your destiny. This is completely your business.

    My entry for the Topic based TOW contest for Nov '21- topic-'Acceptance'. contest.
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    Very good thought emanated from the author and when we cannot do the things, our natural reaction would to pass the blame on others. But never had the guts to accept the matter as a fact. However, many have the problems either to accept or reject in the sense that they feel like out of context and therefore take the center point of non deciding. And there are people who leave everything to the destiny seizing themselves from the current crisis to which they are also a candidate for the things going wrong. The people are shrewd enough to reject those things which are problematic and accept those things which are in their striking rate. Then what is the use of this life without taking risk, without undergoing a change, without facing a problem, without finding a solution and thus one lives like no action person for the life.
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    It is always better to accept whatever comes and then try to improvise and perform better by overcoming the deficiencies so that we will have an improved life. If something wrong happens, instead of thinking about why it happened and how it happened, it is always better to analyse and find the shortcomings. Then improve so that you will be successful. If we fail to do that and go on worrying about the happening is of no use. I agree with the author that leaving everything to fate is not correct. As mentioned in Bhagavadgita, we should not worry about the result and whatever comes we should accept and we should continue performing our duties. A good submission from the author. I hope we all will follow this trait in our lives.
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    A nice submission by the author, developing ourselves is human nature and we should never let the base of this nature get exhausted. Sometimes accepting what it is means making people effortless. There is no problem in accepting but every situation gives you a chance to start a new life and we should not miss it. When we accept that we have some shortcomings in this situation, then only we make life better by making the coming situations better.
    Accepting your flaws will not make us looser but they motivate us to improve ourselves and give us a chance to show ourselves as a winner.

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    If we encounter a situation or result in our lives then we have to accept it but we have all options to finally agree or not agree with that and present our view about it. No one will be forcing it on us. We have to understand the pros and cons of accepting the things before we finally agree to that. Reaction is in our hands. We must use that weapon always in such situations. If the failure is due to our own faults then it makes sense to understand and accept that and rectify that or correct that in our future endeavours. So our reactions during the acceptance phase is not simply accepting but based on some degree of prudence also. That of course comes with experience only.
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