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    The authors of ISC can also be called 'Content Engineers"

    The meaning of engineer specifies and defines as a person who designs, builds, and even maintains the given task and the same way the authors of this site, create new threads, sustains with their performance by giving best replies and even maintains their rapport. The engineers do the skillful arranging of the given task and thus they are most important professionals hired. Same way the authors at ISC are also skillfully thinks to create new threads or responding to many posts and thus give their professional touch of understanding and penning the content. Therefore authors of ISC can also be called 'Content Engineers". Do you agree ?
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    Basically as far as my knowledge goes an engineer is a person who deals with machines. It may be designing. constructing, maintaining or repairing. But these days we call everybody an engineer. A write will never be an engineer in my opinion. He is a creator. He creates content. We can call him an author or a writer or a poet etc. But we can't call him an engineer. There is no necessity for a writer to deal with any instrument or machine.
    These days engineering word is used for conducting. He engineered the meeting. He engineered the show. In such a case all the organisers can also be called engineers.
    Anyhow, I may be wrong in my understanding and many people may support the statement made by the author.

    always confident

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    An engineer deals with the machine, its up keeping and timely maintenance so that he can keep the machine in the perfect order. He takes the charge of absolute planning of production with his discreet planning. He is a technical person having enough technical exposure of various aspects of production.
    Now coming across the precise definition of a writer, he is definitely the planner and the executor of penning down some ideas which will enhance his status as a prolific writer. He is full of artistic skills and lacks the technical know how as expected from an engineer. Hence going through the different characteristics of his qualities, the job of the writer differers from that of an engineer. Though both are excellent planners but have the different roles needed to perform. Hence a writer cannot be defined as an engineer.

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    The author has coined a new term 'content engineer' and if agreed and understood by the writers' community in that spirit can become an established term in the coming times. Actually there are some expert writers who design a content so meticulously that we can probably compare them with the engineers who design their machines in same ways with hard work and sustained efforts. Whenever we coin a new term there will be resistance for its acceptance by the people in general and by the related trade people in particular. So let us not be affected by that denial and try to populate this term further in other places also to get a general consensus on the matter and who knows once accepted it will be a common term in writing arena.
    Knowledge is power.

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