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    Laughing is good for health but be honest in that too

    Has it ever happened to you that you have become a part of some discussion where laughter and jokes are being talked about, and because of your nature, you do not laugh at everything that other people are laughing at? Still, many times people adopt fake or pretentious laughs to include themselves in everyone. It is said that laughing is very important for your health but will showing off or fake laughter also have the same effect on health? In the morning there are people in the garden who laugh in groups, Is this also effective? Laughing is a natural quality and definitely, human nature and hormonal processes also involve it, laughing may not be forced into practice. What do you think about this?
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    The laughing that we see often as a yogic practice is a kind of stretching of muscles so it is beneficial either way whether it is true or fake but added with realness such laughter gets closer to happiness. A smile as a gesture for the sake of people is not a bad thing and we all do it at one or another point in time. We smile and laugh at peoples puns and jokes even if we don't find them funny just to make sure they don't feel disheartened. I think it is ok to fake laughter and smile for the sake of others. But if a person believes he/she is funny and in that trial, he/she is going on the verge of irritating other people around him/her then it is the duty of other people around him/her to tell him/her about it without making that person sad.
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    Good post from the author. For that matter laughter has become the point of discussion during meetings within the friends and families when big gathering takes place. Some have the very bad character of laughing loud to register their rave remarks about a person and in the melee of laughing the character assassination goes back ground. And some laugh even at the obituary place where in people are mourning and this person cracks jokes on him and try to make the relax mood at that place. That is too much bad behavior as the pretended laughing is not required at all and the emotion should be spontaneous to the situation and that cannot be imposed laughing. Our laugh should also make others to react and they should also emote and that is called best changing the situation of seriousness to the enjoyable mode.
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    It is definitely a good post by the author where he has stressed the importance of healthy laughing. There are some reserved people who would not like to have indulgence with such a practice in public since they might be of the opinion that their open laughing would not suit their personality. In fact, they are ignoring the benefits of open laughing. This practice would relax the strained muscles and in that way, this simple action would tone up the entire health system. However, laughing mode should be directed at the healthy laughing without their involvement in pointing out mistakes of others. Such a healthy laugh will certainly have its profound effects on the people practicing such a mode.

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    Athar must have posted it out of psychological emotion. No one can always take part in the laughter of friends, it is very real. Because not everyone has the same mental state, or not everyone has the same thoughts. You may laugh at a joke, but it may not be funny to me. This does not mean that you or I am bad, it is just a consequence of everyone's relative emotions. And to keep the body healthy, laughter should be a sincere, loud smile that can affect the brain.
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    Laughing is good for health and at times it is contagious too. Often you may find in a group of children that a couple of them are laughing and after observing their laughter others also join in without knowing the exact reason. Children laugh a lot and that's why they are happy all the time. Spontaneous laughter is not only the movement of muscles it also helps to release happy hormones. In the case of forceful laughter, the secretion of happy hormones is not there and hence it is not much beneficial to our mental health. I feel laughter is an expression of emotion and when the emotion is not there it becomes a routine task of movement of muscles. Movement of muscles is important and when it includes secretion of happy hormones the benefit positively affects our mental state too.

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    All of us know that laughing is good for our health. Some people laugh loudly but some may smile only without much noise. Sometimes we have to show our happiness even though we are not happy, to keep other people happy. So we pretend as if we are very happy and we will try to laugh. A person who knows our nature will easily understand whether we are laughing wholeheartedly or laughing for the same of laughing and satisfying them. But an unknown person may not be able to differentiate.
    But it is better sometimes to express our feelings openly and tell the other person that we are not very happy with him/her. Otherwise, he /she will take things for granted and their confidence levels may grow up a lot which is never good for anybody. We should be able to tell the facts on the face at least to our friends and relatives who are near to us.

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