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    Saving money and being miser people should understand the difference

    A lot of time I have come across people who put a lot of emphasis on saving money and not spending too much and not be a spendthrift. Such people at times go to such extent in saving money that they end up spending more money and then cry over that. Most of the time instead of buying a good product they end up buying a cheap product and then spend money on its maintenance. They simply are unable to see the continuous cost of a cheap product.
    It is good to understand the value of money but to think that it is the only way one can stay happy is such a wrong notion with which these hoarders of money live and end up dying without even using it.
    Have you ever come across people who always end up spending more in the trial of saving more?
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    Good advice from the author. But saving money does not mean purchasing a inferior product and boast on saving on them. But right away rejecting the idea of having such product right now and its importance to have it now itself. For example if a new desert cooler need to be purchased, the right time to purchase the same is the winter wherein the demand is nil and the rate would be reasonable even on the branded cooler. But when the same is purchased in the season, the rate would be very high. Here comes the trick of purchasing which product and when to save the money. Urgent purchase in the name of saving on inferior product is the foolish decision and that must be avoided. But there are some good brands which are not yet known but has the good quality and that can be purchased on reference..
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    One has to spend according to the need. When the expenditure is unnecessary it is better to avoid it. Different people have different perceptions which are reflected in their actions. There are people for whom saving money on every aspect is so important that keep on bargaining before purchasing anything. There are people who always go for cheap products and end up spending more to replace those products. Saving money is good but while purchasing any product it is better to check the qualities first. Going for inferior quality can always cost us more as mentioned in the thread but the budget is also a factor. Rather than making a purchase immediately, it is better to analyze other aspects too like our budget and urgency.

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    Saving is different and being a miser is different. We should never compromise on the quality of the product when we want to purchase an item. We should purchase when our purse allows us to purchase a quality product only. By paying less, if we compromise on the quality of the product, definitely we will be the losers.
    In our village, weekly one day there will be a weekly market and vegetables will be sold there. If we go early to the market we will get fresh vegetables but we may have to price a little higher price. But some people intentionally go late in the night as the prices will be less at that time. But if you see the quality of the product minimum of 20 to 30% quantity will get wasted due to inferior quality.
    Decide on the amount you want to save and plan to spend the remaining only. Purchase the best quality material even though you have to pay a little more for the quality.

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    Saving money intelligently can support you when you want to purchase a good product. Purchasing product also needs proper planning and analysis. Once you know the cost benefit of a oroduct, you won't feel that being expensive. So it is better to buy a good product than purchasing a cheaper product and spending on maintaince , etc.
    But one should also see that by trying to save money he is not depriving himself from the other essentials of life and is taking good care of his health and other requirements. Once he deprives his own self from these essentials to hoard money, he becomes a miser, else he is a money saver. The objective makes the difference.

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    Yes this is right, saving is always a good habit and one should have kept the same habit from a small age, but saving never means being a miser. Another important point is to being missed for yourself or for others are two different things. Some people being miser for others only and do not think more for spending themselves, on the other hand, some are also those who are too miser for themselves that many times they ignore their health also. So saving is like we should save some of our income for emergencies but also living a happy and healthy life.

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    There are many people who spend as per the requirement and do not go for unnecessary indulgences. They are the people having good prudence and generally save good amounts for a rainy times. But they are not miser. Actually miser will not spend anything if given a choice. A miser will not care for his own health even when it comes to spending money for keeping the health in a good shape. Being miser is not a healthy thing as it deprives a person to enjoy even when he is having money. We have to save money for our future and other responsibilities but saving almost all the money like a miser does not make any sense.
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