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    How many of us can really understand a social construct and break away from it?

    There are a lot of things in society that are social constructs and would have never have existed if few people haven't made them into social norms. Be it construct of beauty and beauty pageants, intelligence based on degrees and qualifications, civilised based on the way of living and place, marriage rules and rituals.
    If we look into them a person can be beautiful without tags without winning contests as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. A completely illiterate person can be intelligent and civilised without having higher degrees and living in an urban locality. Two people can be a couple living a happy life without marriage, and even being married without following gendered stereotypes of women doing household chores and men doing office works the roles could be reversed as well.
    But to what extent we will be able to understand that actually, things are social constructs and life can carry on without them as well and there is nothing wrong with any of the later things mentioned above. To what extent people can break away from a social construct or let others break away from them.
    Any decision taken needs the approval of society to what extent people can live without fear of society?
    And can show courage to go against social constructs?
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    Unfortunately we have been habituated to live within the society and within the frame work of already laid rules and regulations and if any deviations are followed, then yearning the wrath is for sure. In those days the marriages were settled and arranged by the elders and the concerned bride or groom are not even contacted or consulted. That was the confidence level within the elders who would decide everything right from the match making to all details. And the marriages were over all successful and blessed with children and good living. But these days youngsters want to decide their marriage without even consulting the elders and they simply want to inform the elders about the marriage to be happen. Thats the difference and therefore the social construct is not done in proper way and the break away seems to be happening
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    A human being is a social animal. We should consider society and its impact on us before taking any decision or accepting or rejecting a person or a thing or an issue. Sometimes we may have to compromise for the fear of society or for the sake of society. As a matter of fact, many people sacrifice their convenience or comfort for the sake of society.
    Sometimes we feel that we should not worry about society and its reaction to us. They never care for society. Such persons should not expect any help from society when they are really in trouble also. So we should always adopt the give and take policy and maintain good relations with this society so that we will have good friends.

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    Society or social construct is an idea and varies from place to place. I am sure there is no rule book for any society but only ideas that have mass acceptance. When there is a mass acceptance of anything any deviation will be looked upon in a different way. When you require any kind of help society will not help you, instead, some individuals living in society may come to your aid. Breaking the social norms doesn't mean it is illegal and as long as you are not doing anything that can harm an individual or society as a whole legally it will not be termed as wrong. I don't think beauty pageants are social constructs and it has more to do with marketing strategies. An intelligent person may not have enough academic credentials and for that, the person may not get a good opportunity in the job market but society will not look down on the person unless the person is involved in some crimes. Whatever we are doing must have some logic and as long as you can give a solid logic behind your actions you can go ahead. Social constructs are there to keep people within the imaginary boundary line and if you score an over boundary your supporters will cheer but the opponents will not feel good.

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