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    Accepting our mistakes is a better option than to blame others for our failures

    Today we are living in a highly competitive world and we have to work hard and do sustained efforts for progressing ahead and carving out a path of success for ourselves. Many times with hard work and determination we will get the success in our task and achieve the objectives but every time our efforts will not result in a positive outcome. We have to be mentally prepared for such situations. So, it is very clear that many times we will have failures also.
    It is a general human tendency to blame others for one's own failures. But that will never help as most of the times the reasons of our failures are due to our own incapability or incompetency in the cut throat competitive environment of modern times. It is imperative that whenever we meet failures it will always be better to re-examine our actions and the methodologies used in undertaking that particular task and then learn from our mistakes and carve out a better strategy next time. There is nothing wrong in accepting our own mistakes. It is going to help us only in our next attempts or next job. Blaming others is not going to help in any way neither today nor in the future. Frankly speaking no other person or a group of persons is responsible for our failures and if we relate them to our setbacks then it will be an illogical and incoherent way of relating things. It is always advisable to self examine and do a self assessment to find out the exact reasons of a failure in a particular job or project and learn lessons from it for our future endeavours.

    This is my entry for the month end topic based contest on 'Acceptance'.
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    Yes, it is important to accept our mistakes and then only we will not repeat the mistake again. It is correct that in many cases, we try to blame others for our failures and by doing that we are not acknowledging our mistakes. If we do not acknowledge a mistake then it will remain a mistake only without any corrective measure which will not help us to grow further. For every failure, we need to analyze further so that we can correct the actions the next time. Analyzing the failures and accepting our mistakes is a good way to learn things while blaming others indicate our inability to think further.

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    To err is the human and we are bound to make mistakes no matter we are vigilant enough on every details. But accepting our mistakes cannot be the better option because when we are right and that must be proved and when we are wrong even that must be proved by others. And blaming others for our mistake is something not agreeable. A college lecturer has put the University internal marks as 28 out of 30 and the University as printed the mark as 23. The girl has not only lost the University topper but also college topper for that five marks difference. Here whom should be blamed ? The lecturer who corrected the paper, the tabulation expert at the University and the printing expert at the press. Now everybody is skipping their responsibility but the lecturer is right as he awarded 28 marks and the girl lost the ranking.
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    One lady approached a doctor by telling that her husband has lack of hearing. To ascertain the level of such disorder the doctor suggested her to observe his deafness by asking something from backyard, kitchen etc. Accordingly the lady went to the house and asked him whether the milk packet has come initially from backyard, kitchen and one feet distance. As she realized no reply from him, she gone near him by shaking his shoulder and asked the same question. He calmly replied,'I replied as 'yes' even on your first calling from backside and then from kitchen and from a distance in the hall'. She realized that the deafness in not for her husband but in her.

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    If we realise our mistakes in time then we can definitely avoid such embarrassing situations in our lives.
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    Knowing our own mistakes and deficiencies and accepting our mistakes is a really good trait. Many people do mistakes but try to defend them and throw the blame on others. A person who wanted grow in their life should have the trait of accepting their mistakes.
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