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    The declining standards of public discourse

    The current disturbances to the Indian parliament is one indicator of what has been going on for a long time. The massive hold of a few corporate houses on the media and the manner in which public discourse is being hijacked to favor a particular point of view or the political parties has been going on unabated for almost a decade.

    Everything is based on publicity. The rulers are finding out ways and means to silence people at all levels. Despite all provocation, the farmers stood united and had their voices heard. This is just one instance of where the public will prevailed over the might of the Government.

    Yet,. there is a big gap between what is going on and what has to be done. We need a massive movement to involve various sections of the people at all levels to protest against any injustice and take up worthy causes like the damage to the environment. Years ago, the silent valley project was not allowed to take off in Kerala only because of public protest.

    We need that spirit to be revived. Members may come up with their suggestions on how to make this happen.
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    We can't blame the political system for all. For many issues people are responsible. When you go and wants to get an issue settled in your favour bypassing some people, definitely the person who is having authority or power will definitely expect some favour from you. When a voter expects some money from the contesting candidate to vote in his favour, from where the candidate will bring that money. That is the beginning of all the problems. So I feel a change should start with the citizens of the country. When you respect rules and regulations. terms and conditions and select the best candidate and reject useless people, automatically the whole system will get on to the right path.
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    The author has touched the important issue of disrupting house and the session was not allowed to be held. The RS has lost 50 percent of sitting time this session and the petty reason of those elders disrupting the house was made known through live telecast. If the members of the house cannot behave , they have no right to disturb the time of other members who wants fruitful and candid discussions on issues concerning the country. Henceforth there must be strict rule that those who disrupt either the LS or the RS proceedings, their salary, allowance and perks be put on hold and mere suspension for few days are not mending their ways. The voters getting ashamed for the worst behavior of their elected candidates, who are supposed to perform but disrupt the house just to gain the publicity.
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