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    Here is how the bottom-up approach to economic development will work

    Kerala and Tamil Nadu are two perfect examples of how the State machinery can work towards real welfare of people. Economic development should not be spread over limited areas of the State. The emphasis should be on providing good roads and connectivity, very good schools, providing the basic minimum education and then following it up with liberal distance education and online education facilities, providing good public hospitals, providing facilities for higher education and so on.

    On each of these parameters, the two States have developed so well. The two States have massive doses of money coming from NRIs settled abroad. One of the biggest influential group of citizens in the USA comes from these two States, and this is indeed possible only because of the higher education facilities.

    The so-called Gujarat model has never worked and public health is in a shambles. The percentage of people below the poverty line is also very high. This is because economic development is monitored and manipulated by the likes of Adani, who has become so rich in the past seven years.

    We just do not need the Adani model of development. This is crony capitalism and we should defeat that with all our might. One or two capitalists cannot hold the whole country to ransom.

    Enough is enough. We need bottom-up approaches to economic development and not very big airports and massive railway stations and so on.
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    When united Andhra Pradesh was there and CBN was the Chief Minister, he did excellent governance and made the State a good state and a lot of development has been taken place. Today the position of Hyderabad is completely due to the nice approach of CBN only. But many people never supported him. He wanted government officers to work hard so they went against him. After the division of the State, he became the Chief Minister of residuary Andhra Pradesh and he tried his best to develop the State. But again people rejected him. Why I am talking about this is the thinking process of the voters is more important. They expect free items and subsidies from the government. So people who strive for development may not get the support of voters repeatedly. So all politicians will think about pleasing the voters and they do rule accordingly. Probably the two states the author is mentioning may support governments that strive for development.
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    What I felt that in states there was always a politics as to dig at the past deeds of previous government in which they used to loose first precious half term and remaining half term is spent on how to make money to take care of next elections. If the author says that Tamil Nadu and Kerala are thriving in development on NRI funds for the basics, that is their inability to use and progress with central and state funds. When the allocated funds are diverted to other projects, surely none would be left for the welfare schemes and the politicians would know the tactics of getting NRI funds for those schemes to which there is no provision made in the budge wholesomely and therefore this drama of getting funds from abroad is glorified. Big developments are possible if the state works with center in tandem.
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    This is an interesting observation by the author. It is true that our approach should be to develop the infrastructure and basic facilities across the whole state or nation and not only in the metro or big cities. Then only the poor and deprived sections of the society especially living in the remote places will get the benefit of this progress. Central government is doing efforts at the national level while various state governments are doing efforts at their own levels. What is now required is a complete harmony and balance between these two government entities so that not only a few states but the nation as a whole grows and embarks ahead on the glorious path of success and development. Citizens also have got a big role here because they have to corporate with the good government activities and adhere by the rules and regulations. A good composite effect will only be discernible when we all work in a cooperative fashion and not in isolated packets.
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    Being an overpopulated country, India has to tackle the public welfare programme in an effective way. I don't mean say that proper efforts are not being taken up by both the central government and state governments towards the upliftment of the common people. Though we can see improvement in the different fields especially in the field of education and health for the deprived class people but still there is enough scope of intensifying such activities. We can observe that a massive fund has been invested for providing cycles, laptop, books to the needy students by the state governments and hence we have to ensure that the resources offered by the government is not wasted by its misuse. We need to work in tandem for the speedy economic growth in the different sections with our prudent approach.

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