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    Might is not and cannot, always be right

    Might is right. So goes the saying. The powerful always have the way to go around and do what they want. Animals are killed because man can overpower them. Similarly, powerful nations can simply threaten the weaker ones. China is the best example. However, even as China is now realizing, there are limits to this kind of ambition.

    Today, the Government of India, headed by someone who has a big image, is slowly realizing that its might cannot always win. The drubbing in the State elections is one pointer. Humble souls can always rise in revolt and we do see movements taking place in so many places, everywhere in the world.

    Dictators have had to simply run to save their lives. In the superbly crafted movie called "Jai Bhim", there is one scene where the hapless lady is sought of induced to accept money that the State would give her, and that she would withdraw the case against her husband, who was done to death by the police. She bluntly refuses saying that she would not want her child to grow up with the tainted and sinful money!!

    The day is not far off when empowered sections of the oppressed with openly come up with such protests. Might is not and cannot, be always right. Quite rightly so.
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    It is true that those in power can abuse power. But it is also true that there will be protests, and those protests take power. So the protest remained unanswered. We will see many such incidents in the history of ancient times. It is an eternal truth, so it still exists in society today. But the protest here is for the victory of truth and the defeat of untruth. Which slowly merges with the social audience and one day breaks everything apart and establishes honesty. This is the worldly feature. Thanks to the author for the beautiful threat.
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    When there is every lesson of past before us that one should be sincere, concerned and controlled with the job they do, but bribing has become the menace in the society through which there has been everlasting to try and persuade those who are head strong with their decision to go against and the same was depicted in the film. Still India needs a director of a film to draw the finest notes on this matter as we have been habituated to get impressed by the acts shown in the film. Unfortunately those who watched the movie and just ask them what they can do for the society to seek change, surely nothing. So there must be strong leader at the helm to bring changes that has been avoided all these days and no matter he or she would be branded as mad by the people as his thought is future bright to which present might of people is not ready.
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    I agree with the author. Muscle power may not work for long and can't bring you success and power always.
    Bhishma is more powerful than Arjuna and he almost won the war for Kauravas but for his love for Pandavas. So the love and affection he had for Pandavas overtaken his power and made him show a way to Pandavas to kill him. Pandavas won the battle. Many times we hear that pen is mightier than the sword. There are many examples of this.
    So if a strong person thinks he can beat all, he is a fool only. There may be stronger people than him.
    In a democratic setup, a voter is mighties than anyone. If a ruling person thinks, his position is permanent he is at fault. If the voter is not happy, the party or the person will lose power. Let us hope and wish that the voter will use his power correctly and give power to the correct person and party.

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    Yes, the author has rightly said that the big one often tries to suppress the small, then in this case any example can be taken. The way China is trying to make a circle around India through its various policies and innovation works, on the other hand, many other big countries adopt this type of diplomacy. But it has become a common thing to be a protest for any kind of dispute or step and it shows the awareness of the person. Earlier the government or other countries used to do their own arbitrariness and in many cases, the public remained oblivious, but after today's Protest, the wrong has to admit defeat. When superiors try to suppress others that forget that they are also one of them. The power of a country is hidden in a common man of that country, who is able to make a government or country.

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    One cannot be successful by use of might all the time and in a democratic system we have to move ahead with the cooperation of the people for the overall growth and progress of the society as well as the nation. At the same time we should not confuse between a good work and using might all the time. Even a good worker can do some mistakes and we have right to point out that and get it corrected. As regards the agitations, uprising, and other such phenomenon in the society these things were there in the past and will remain there in future also. Many times these are not genuine also as there are vested political interests which provoke these things for political mileage. So we have to consider things in totality and then support such agitations. We cannot support anything done by the opposition because it is being done by the opposition in the name of helping the poor and downtrodden. We must avoid appreciating such fake apparent initiatives. A good citizen would criticise the Govt for its wrong doing but at the same time we must condemn the wrong doings of the people who are not in power.
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    I understand where the author comes from. He is venting his resentment against what injustice or wrongness disturbs him. But reality is otherwise to what he said in his post. Might is always right as the proverb we carry. Powerful people are right . In this post he has given an example of China as well as our prime minister. I would like to remind the author when these farm laws were introduced our main stream media had supported his decision. Farmers came on streets and protested against these laws. Now our prime minister has repealed these laws and the same media is calling it as his masterstroke.
    I think we should not close our eyes from what is happening around us. Whether or not these laws were good, each of us may have his option about the same but it is not fair to say good as well as bad simultaneously.
    Might is always right whether it comes from ruler or powerful voters.

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    Sir/Madam, each one of you should understand that vast sections of the Godi media are controlled by the RSS and their cronies. After all, the News 18 network, spanning so many Indian languages is owned by Mukesh Ambani.

    Similarly, the Republic TV has one Arnab Goswami, who is the Chief Public Relations Officer of the Government of India and the PM. God save this country.

    What is wrong in farmers asking for a law to decide the MSP? Do not our corporate houses demand "concessions" for the so-called "ease of doing business?" Even when the massive evidence points out that the trickle down theory does not work, we have someone who blatantly advocates crony capitalism. How can one Adani become so rich within 7 years and more, by just playing around with money that belongs to you and me?

    Hope all of you know know about the highly ethical group called the TVS group of South India. This Chennai-based group would never borrow money. It would never cheat any shareholder. It has a fabulous group company called Sundram Finance. It has a deposit base of over Rs.2200 crores.

    We should understand that ethics in business and in the Government is absolutely essential. A god majority does not mean one can do anything at will. That is dictatorship and we are just seeing it everyday. Not a single day passes without some RSS fellow criticizing the great PM, the late Jawaharlal Nehru. It was he who brought the world-class educational institutions to India. It was he who was instrumental in setting up world-class companies like BHEL.

    The BJP has no right to criticize Jawaharlal Nehru.

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    Might can be right for a short period but such a forceful action has its side effects. You cannot oppress a people for being a backward class not allowing to enter the temple premises because of our negative thoughts against him. The affected person is fearful of the powerful lobby existing in the society but how long will we be able force the deprived class to accept something which is illogical and unethical?
    However, with the timing, old conversations are changing gradually and definitely old wrong notions will die out. This can be possible only when the awareness of the mass develops understanding the ways how success can be achieved with the sharing of thoughts. Free flow of discussion would definitely create some ways to tackle the powerful community. Time alone would dilute the muscle power as being seen in the society at present.

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