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    Do you believe that a woman without her man is nothing?

    In this world, God created human beings in the form of men and women to fulfill his purpose. But men without women or women without men alone cannot achieve all objectives. We know that reunion is important for them. But the question here is who is the best among the two? And who is successful without whom? My idea is hidden in the thread given above, only punctuating is needed. What is your finding? Please share your opinion.
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    I hope you have not given any threat through this thread so, please correct the typo and change it to thread.

    Now, let's come to the topic. You didn't mention the purpose for which human beings are created and I think the purpose may not be very clear to you. I do not know if there is any way to choose who is the best, more precisely is there any need to choose who is the best? Men without women and women without men signify the same thing. The difference between men and women is in their physical structure and also in the mindset to some extent because of their biological structures. For example, since women bear the child they think of the security of their offspring and their mindset is programmed to concentrate more on safety and security. You must have clarity on the objectives you have and then only you can achieve them. The comparison that you tried to make in this post may be a topic of some debate which basically is futile because some participants can always try to prove they are the best and can live without the other.


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    When men and women are made for each other to live and exist, it expressly mean that both are indispensable and cannot live without another. In some homes the children are living without the father and with caring of mother. And in some cases the children are treating their father as mother and living. But there is a need for companion as the age goes by. Especially after 50 years, one feels to have the sharing of every talk and for that a life partner is necessary. Not that a partner is required for the ailing person and cater to the needs as hospitalization and illl health can happen to anyone and if the life partner is beside the bed, the strength and courage would be double and that is enough to even fight the disease and come as discharged from the hospital. And woman without man support cannot live peacefully in this cunning world.
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    Man and woman are both important for each other. It is a natural pair made by nature to reproduce and keep the species survive. So, it is difficult to say as which one is more important. Traditionally man was the bread earner and woman took care of the house. So, many people thought that financially women were dependent on the men and that is why men dominated in the families. But today the situation is changing as women are also going for jobs and are earning money and so are financially independent. There is another point about that is the physical protection and it is said that men take care of women so that no other person can physically assault the women. This might be true in some cases but it depends on the situation and many times it is seen that all men are not so brave as to protect their wives. So considering all these facts and aspects it is not easy to conclude that woman without man is helpless. They may only be dependent on their husbands for so many things but that does not make them nothing.
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    I am thinking on the other way when accepting the view of the author. life of a man without his woman either mother or wife is nothing. Though we can argue in words but practically it is very difficult to push the days without a women to man and man to woman. If he or she adjusting in overall his or her inner mind will definitely longing.

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    Thank Sankalan #747404
    Thanks for the advice. I leave the purpose in God's hands since I think He is the Creator of man. So I wrote that God created human beings in the form of men and women to fulfill his purpose. Here "his purpose" is not in the hands of humans I think. And if you put a comma after the word "her" in the thread the meaning will change.

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    God has created all of us. A man without a woman or a woman without a man is not complete. Here there is nothing like men are powerful or women are powerful.
    In this pandemic, many men lost their wives and many women lost their husbands. Now when we look at those families we will understand how the life of a person will change when he/she loses his/her partner. My cousin died at the age of 55 years. Now his wife and two daughters and his old mother have to carry on and the troubles they are facing can't be described.
    My brother in law's brother's wife died. His two sons are abroad and he has to manage alone his life in his 66th year. His difficulties can't be described. As long as everything goes alright we don't understand the importance of the other person. When such things happen all the people around the suffering persons will understand how important is a man for a woman or a woman for a man.

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    A good thread initiated by the author for a discussion. There is a common but very old saying, we came into this world alone and will go alone. Neither do we need anyone's support to come, nor will anyone accompany us when we leave the world. This is indeed a great truth and perhaps it is the only truth. Well, if I consider the purpose of the thread so again I agree that both have their own importance and both need each other. Although there is no such work that is impossible by any one of the men or women, we play our responsibility better when dividing them with someone. So maybe a man and a woman can lead a more restrained life, but a single person also keeps his life quite restrained. It's up to a person's way to handle the situation that comes in life and focus on the small thing of life.

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    I had seen the same example for the " punctuation punch" effect during my grammar classes.

    But leaving that pun and punch apart, I have to state that man and woman are mutually complimentary and supplementary. Only then will life become full.

    The Indian culture and tradition has well accepted the Ardhnareswar concept-half man-half woman; means, that n life man and woman are to be joined in equal proportions and individually each constitutes just one half. Without the other half none of them is complete.

    It is only a western concept that woman is the better half. Our tradition is Ardh or half each equally in rights and duties. That is why for performing yajnas( or any other important ceremony and ritual) both husband and wife are necessary. Within that also our culture gives a slight higher pedestal when she is the Mother.

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