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    Some persons with peculiar character around us

    It is correct to say people will differ always from one to another. But though I have so many friends, three are very close. But the three are of three type. One agewise elder to me used to tell that I have to make phone call as I am younger. Another younger than me expect that I have to phone call to him as I am elder than him. The the is super only if he need any thing or to communicate any important he will call otherwise he will not pick up his phone as he seems to be busy always.
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    The author has chosen to draw his friends as good, better and best based on their behavioral pattern which needs to be discussed as we also confront with such people. When the friends are elder to our age, we need to give them the respect and it is prerogative to demand attention from us. And the second type of friends are younger to us, then we are duty bound to call them and advise on many things. And there are neutral friends amidst us who will disturb us when they require our attention and need. But we have evaluate among the three and we should not waste time on those who does not care our time and our pride. I do not like those people who finish their work early and try to disturb us when we are busy with our work and we should not entertain such people who hinder to our present and future progress,
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    Every individual is having a peculiar characteristic character. That is the reason why individuals differ from each other. We have got a number of friends and each one of them will have a different approach to the relationships between us. Some will be polite and meek while some will be very aggressive. There are some who are reserved and will talk only when it is essential. So in that big spread we will have to manage with all of them having different different temperament. In a group of people these variations will always be there and one has to manage somehow.
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    True. People will have different characteristics. All will not be the same. My sister and brother in law everyday phone up to their children and enquire about their well being. They never wait for their children to call them. But my father and mother expect their children to phone up and talk to them. But they never phone up unless otherwise there is an urgent need. They got habituated like that.
    Instead of expecting others to call you, you can also try to contact them. There is nothing wrong. When somebody is making a call. not answering or calling back after seeing a missed call is not a correct trait. We should never think that the other person is disturbing us. If somebody is not responding to our call when we are in a need, what will be our feelings? At the same time calling somebody at odd times. with no important issue and disturbing them often is also not correct. These days I feel sending a message is much better than making a call.

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    This is true that we have surrounded by different people having different natures and characteristics. These characteristics and other experiences make a person's expectations from others. I have also seen many people demand from others to call them or give value to them. But if we want to be in any relationship or make it strong ever and forever, we should not hesitate to take any initiative that will work for the same relation. By making a call if we can happy someone then what's the issue, why do we need to expect from others that only they will call us first? Better would be when we feel to talk someone we should not wait for any specific moment or for a call from the other side, but we just make a call. Many times others can busy with their work and could not talk to us but we can leave a message, if another one is really wanna talk to us they will call back for sure, and if they do not do so then any need to make them bother again by your call or message.

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    And you need to adjust yourself with all of them when they are around you. People will be different and you cannot change them so if you have to deal with them regularly you have to change yourself according to the situation. Since the three are your close friends you cannot hurt them in any way and need to maintain a good balance. Interestingly, see how the perception varies from person to person. One thinks the younger person has to make the call and the other thinks the senior has to make the first move. The third one calls only if there is a requirement. Can we make any universal rule for all in such cases? Unfortunately, we are habituated to defining a rule for all and think everyone has to follow such rules. As long as things are not illegal and not doing harm to an individual/society we need to calibrate ourselves accordingly.

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    We need to adjust with the different sets of our friends. Some friends are older than us and in that situation, we need to pay our due respect to them. Though we hear patiently what they say and we take care of such companies with adequate courtesies. They are definitely regarded as our mentors in some fields. Then we have some set of people having equalities in the age patterns. These peoples are best suited to us since we can maintain frankness with them due to our age factors. Now coming to the friends of younger generation, we get enough respect from such groups. They are as good as new students of a class who offer tremendous respects to their teachers.They would patiently listen to our advice without any interruptions. They prove to be fine companies in our job executions.

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